English-Dutch collaborative dictionary: words and phrases with their translation or definition added by users

beauty salon beauty spot beaver because because of
Because there was a st... become bed bed and breakfast bed linen
bedclothes bedding bedroom bedside lamp bedside table
bedsit bedspread bedtime bee beech
beech tree beef beefburger beeper beer
beet beetle beetroot before before
before Before five o'clock Before summer beforehand beg
beggar begin beginner beginning behave
behave behavior behaviour behind behind
behind beige Beijing Belarus Belarussian
Belarussian Belarussian Belgian Belgian Belgium
belief believe believe bell belly
belly button belong belong belong belong to
belongings below below belt beltway
bench bend bend bend down bend over
beneath benefit benefit bent bent
beret berry berth beside besides
besides best best best man best-before date
best-if-used-by date bestseller bet bet betray
better better betting betting shop between
bewildered beyond biased bib Bible
bicarbonate of soda bicycle bicycle lane bicycle path bicycle pump
bid bid bifocals big bigger
bigheaded bike bikini bilingual bill
bill bill billiards billion bin
binge drinking bingo binoculars biochemistry biodegradable
biography biological biology biometric birch
bird bird flu bird of prey birdwatching Biro®
birth birth certificate birth control birthday birthplace
biscuit bishop bit bitch bite
bite bitter black black coffee black ice
blackberry BlackBerry® blackbird blackboard blackcurrant
blackmail blackmail blackout blacktop bladder
blade blame blame blank blank
blank check blank cheque blanket blast blatant
blaze blazer bleach bleached bleak
bleed blender bless blind blind
blindfold blindfold blink bliss blister
blizzard block block block blockage
blocked blog blog bloke blonde

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