English-Dutch collaborative dictionary: words and phrases with their translation or definition added by users

assistance assistant assistant principal associate associate
association assortment assume assure asthma
astonish astonished astonishing astrology astronaut
astronomy asylum asylum seeker at at least
At midday At midnight At night At the beginning of June At the end of June
At three o'clock atheist athlete athletic athletics
Atlantic Atlantic Ocean atlas ATM atmosphere
atom atom bomb atomic attach attached
attachment attack attack attempt attempt
attend attendance attention attic attitude
attorney attract attraction attractive au pair
aubergine auburn auction audience audit
audit audition auditor August aunt
auntie austerity Australasia Australia Australian
Australian Austria Austrian Austrian authentic
author authorize auto mechanic auto racing autobiography
autograph automatic automatically autonomous autonomy
autumn availability available avalanche avenue
average average avocado avoid avoid work
awake awake awaken award aware
away away game away match awful awfully
awkward ax axe axle Azerbaijan
Azerbaijani Azerbaijani

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