English-Dutch collaborative dictionary: words and phrases with their translation or definition added by users

afford affordable Afghan Afghan Afghanistan
afraid Africa African African Afrikaans
Afrikaner after after after after
After eight o'clock After summer afternoon afters aftershave
aftersun lotion afterwards again against age
age limit aged agency agenda agent
aggressive AGM ago agony agree
agreed agreement agricultural agriculture ahead
aid AIDS aim aim air
air conditioning air force air hostess air traffic controller airbag
air-conditioned aircraft airline airmail airport
airport bus airsick airspace airtight air-traffic controller
aisle aisle seat alarm alarm call alarm clock
alarming Albania Albanian Albanian album
alcohol alcohol-free alcoholic alcoholic alert
alert Algeria Algerian Algerian alias
alias alibi alien alive all
all All lower case All one word all right all right
All together, please Allah allegation alleged allergic
allergy alley alliance alligator allow
allowance ally almond almost alone
along along aloud alphabet Alps
already also altar alter alternate
alternative alternative alternatively although altitude
altogether aluminium aluminum always Alzheimer's disease
Am I allowed to fish h... amateur amaze amazed amazing
ambassador amber ambition ambitious ambulance
ambush amenities America American American
American football ammunition among among amount
amp amplifier amuse amusement arcade amusement park
an An automatic, please An international phone... anaemic anaesthetic
analyse analysis analyze ancestor anchor
anchovy ancient and And you? Andes
Andorra anemic anesthetic angel anger
angina angle angler angling Angola
Angolan Angolan angry animal aniseed
ankle anniversary announce announcement annoy
annoying annual annually anonymous anorak
anorexia anorexic another Another beer answer
answer answering machine answerphone ant antagonize

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