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      n   pl   , -ros, -roes  
1    the symbol 0, indicating an absence of quantity or magnitude; nought,   (Former name)    cipher  
2    the integer denoted by the symbol 0; nought  
3    the cardinal number between +1 and --1  
4    nothing; nil  
5    a person or thing of no significance; nonentity  
6    the lowest point or degree  
his prospects were put at zero     
7    the line or point on a scale of measurement from which the graduations commence  
a    the temperature, pressure, etc., that registers a reading of zero on a scale  
b    the value of a variable, such as temperature, obtained under specified conditions  
9    a gunsight setting in which accurate allowance has been made for both windage and elevation for a specified range  
10      (Maths)  
a    the cardinal number of a set with no members  
b    the identity element of addition  
11      (Linguistics)  
a    an allomorph with no phonetic realization, as the plural marker of English sheep  
b    (as modifier)  
a zero form     
12      (Finance, Also called)   zero-coupon bond   a bond that pays no interest, the equivalent being paid in its redemption value  
   Compare       Zebra  
13    having no measurable quantity, magnitude, etc.  
14      (Meteorol)  
a    (of a cloud ceiling) limiting visibility to 15 metres (50 feet) or less  
b    (of horizontal visibility) limited to 50 metres (165 feet) or less  
      vb   , -roes, -roing, -roed  
15    tr   to adjust (an instrument, apparatus, etc.) so as to read zero or a position taken as zero  
16    Informal     (chiefly U.S)   no (thing) at all  
this job has zero interest     
     (C17: from Italian, from Medieval Latin zephirum, from Arabic sifr empty, cipher)  

absolute zero  
      n   the lowest temperature theoretically attainable, at which the particles constituting matter would be in the lowest energy states available; the zero of thermodynamic temperature; zero on the International Practical Scale of Temperature: equivalent to --273.15°C or --459.67°F  
ground zero  
      n   a point on the surface of land or water at or directly above or below the centre of a nuclear explosion  
zero defects  
      pl n   an aspect of total quality management that stresses the objective of error-free performance in providing goods or services  
zero gravity  
      n   the state or condition of weightlessness  
zero grazing  
      n   a type of dairy farming in which the cattle are fed with cut grass  
zero hour  
1      (Military)   the time set for the start of an attack or the initial stage of an operation  
2    Informal   a critical time, esp. at the commencement of an action  
zero in  
      vb   adv  
1    often foll by: on   to bring (a weapon) to bear (on a target), as while firing repeatedly  
2    intr; foll by: on  
Informal   to bring one's attention to bear (on a problem, etc.)  
3    intr; foll by: on  
Informal   to converge (upon)  
the police zeroed in on the site of the crime     
zero option  
      n   (in international nuclear arms negotiations) an offer to remove all shorter-range nuclear missiles or, in the case of the zero-zero option all intermediate-range nuclear missiles, if the other side will do the same  
      adj   denoting goods on which the buyer pays no value-added tax although the seller can claim back any tax he has paid  
zero stage  
      n   a solid-propellant rocket attached to a liquid-propellant rocket to provide greater thrust at liftoff  
zero-sum game  
      n   (in game theory) a contest in which one person's loss is equal to the other person's gain  
zero tolerance  
      n   the policy of applying laws or penalties to even minor infringements of a code in order to reinforce its overall importance  
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1    cipher, naught, nil, nothing, nought  
2    bottom, lowest point or ebb, nadir, nothing, rock bottom  

zero hour     
appointed hour, crisis, moment of decision, moment of truth, turning point, vital moment  
zero in (on)     
aim, bring to bear, concentrate, converge, direct, focus, home in, level, pinpoint, train  

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Ground Zero mosque
acronym coined in 2010 based on the controversy of building a mosque on the site where the Twin Towers were before 9/11
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