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      vb   , -ries, -rying, -ried  
1    to be or cause to be anxious or uneasy, esp. about something uncertain or potentially dangerous  
2    tr   to disturb the peace of mind of; bother  
don't worry me with trivialities     
3    intr; often foll by: along or through   to proceed despite difficulties  
4    intr; often foll by: away   to struggle or work  
to worry away at a problem     
5    tr   (of a dog, wolf, etc.) to lacerate or kill by biting, shaking, etc.  
6    when intr, foll by: at   to bite, tear, or gnaw (at) with the teeth  
a dog worrying a bone     
7    tr   to move as specified, esp. by repeated pushes  
they worried the log into the river     
8    tr   to touch or poke repeatedly and idly  
9    Obsolete   to choke or cause to choke  
10    not to worry         
Informal   you need not worry  
      n   pl   , -ries  
11    a state or feeling of anxiety  
12    a person or thing that causes anxiety  
13    an act of worrying  
     (Old English wyrgan; related to Old Frisian wergia to kill, Old High German wurgen (German (er)würgen to strangle), Old Norse virgill, urga rope)  
  worried      adj  
  worriedly      adv  
   worrying             adj  
  worryingly      adv  
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