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      vb   , wins, winning, won  
1    intr   to achieve first place in a competition  
2    tr   to gain or receive (a prize, first place, etc.) in a competition  
3    tr   to succeed in or gain (something) with an effort  
we won recognition     
4    win one's spurs  
a    to achieve recognition in some field of endeavour  
b      (History)   to be knighted  
5    to gain victory or triumph in (a battle, argument, etc.)  
6    tr   to earn or procure (a living, etc.) by work  
7    tr   to take possession of, esp. violently; capture  
the Germans never won Leningrad     
8    when intr, foll by: out, through, etc.   to reach with difficulty (a desired condition or position) or become free, loose, etc., with effort  
the boat won the shore, the boat won through to the shore     
9    tr   to turn someone into (a supporter, enemy, etc.)  
you have just won an ally     
10    tr   to gain (the sympathy, loyalty, etc.) of someone  
11    tr   to obtain (a woman, etc.) in marriage  
12    tr  
a    to extract (ore, coal, etc.) from a mine  
b    to extract (metal or other minerals) from ore  
c    to discover and make (a mineral deposit) accessible for mining  
13    you can't win  
Informal   an expression of resignation after an unsuccessful attempt to overcome difficulties  
14    Informal   a success, victory, or triumph  
15    profit; winnings  
16    the act or fact of reaching the finishing line or post first,   (See also)        win out  
     (Old English winnan; related to Old Norse vinna, German gewinnen)  
  winnable      adj  
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win          [2]  
      vb   , wins, winning, won, winned   tr     (Irish, Scot., and northern English)  
1    to dry (grain, hay, peat, etc.) by exposure to sun and air  
2       a less common word for       winnow  
     (Old English, perhaps a variant of winnow)  

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1    achieve first place, achieve mastery, be victorious, carry all before one, carry the day, come first, conquer, finish first, gain victory, overcome, prevail, succeed, sweep the board, take the prize, triumph  
2    accomplish, achieve, acquire, attain, bag     (informal)   catch, collect, come away with, earn, gain, get, land, net, obtain, pick up, procure, receive, secure  
3      (often with)       over   allure, attract, bring or talk round, carry, charm, convert, convince, disarm, induce, influence, persuade, prevail upon, sway  
4      (informal)   conquest, success, triumph, victory  
,       vb   fail, fall, forfeit, lose, miss, suffer defeat, suffer loss  
      n   beating, defeat, downfall, failure, loss, washout     (informal)  

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