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1    a person, esp. a woman, who has never had sexual intercourse  
2    an unmarried woman who has taken a religious vow of chastity in order to dedicate herself totally to God  
3    any female animal that has never mated  
4    a female insect that produces offspring by parthenogenesis  
5    a person who is new to or inexperienced in a specified field  

a political virgin

      adj   usually prenominal  
6    of, relating to, resembling, suitable for, or characteristic of a virgin or virgins; chaste  
7    pure and natural, uncorrupted, unsullied, or untouched  
virgin purity     
8    not yet cultivated, explored, exploited, etc., by man  
virgin territories     
9    being the first or happening for the first time  
10    (of vegetable oils) obtained directly by the first pressing of fruits, leaves, or seeds of plants without applying heat  
11    (of a metal) made from an ore rather than from scrap  
12    occurring naturally in a pure and uncombined form  
virgin silver     
13      (Physics)   (of a neutron) not having experienced a collision  
     (C13: from Old French virgine, from Latin virgo virgin)  

Blessed Virgin  
      n     (Chiefly R.C. Church)      another name for       Mary       1a  
British Virgin Islands  
      pl n   a UK Overseas Territory in the Caribbean, consisting of 36 islands in the E Virgin Islands: formerly part of the Federation of the Leeward Islands (1871--1956). Capital: Road Town, on Tortola. Pop.: 17000 (1993 est.). Area: 153 sq. km (59 sq. miles)  
Dormition of the Blessed Virgin  
      n   another name for Feast of the Assumption: see Assumption  
extra virgin  
      adj   (of olive oil) of the highest quality, extracted by cold pressing rather than chemical treatment  
Purification of the Virgin Mary  
the     (Christianity)  
1    the presentation of Jesus in the Temple after the completion of Mary's purification (Luke 2:22)  
2      (Also called)    Candlemas   the feast commemorating this (Feb. 2)  
vestal virgin  
      n   (in ancient Rome) one of the four, later six, virgin priestesses whose lives were dedicated to Vesta and to maintaining the sacred fire in her temple  
Virgin   [1]  
1       the. See       Virgin Mary  
2    a statue or other artistic representation of the Virgin Mary  
Virgin   [2]  
      n   the. the constellation Virgo, the sixth sign of the zodiac  
virgin birth  
      n      another name for       parthenogenesis       2  
Virgin Birth  
      n   the doctrine that Jesus Christ had no human father but was conceived solely by the direct intervention of the Holy Spirit so that Mary remained miraculously a virgin during and after his birth  
virgin forest  
      n   a forest in its natural state, before it has been explored or exploited by man  
Virgin Islands  
      pl n   a group of about 100 small islands (14 inhabited) in the Caribbean, east of Puerto Rico: discovered by Columbus (1493); consists of the British Virgin Islands in the east and the Virgin Islands of the United States in the west and south. Pop.: 17000 (1993 est.). Area: 497 sq. km (192 sq. miles)  
Virgin Islands of the United States  
      pl n   a territory of the U.S. in the Caribbean, consisting of islands west and south of the British Virgin Islands: purchased from Denmark in 1917 for their strategic importance. Capital: Charlotte Amalie. Pop.: 118000 (1998 est.). Area: 344 sq. km (133 sq. miles),   (Former name)    Danish West Indies  
Virgin Mary  
      n   Mary, the mother of Christ,   (Also called)    the Virgin  
Virgin Queen  
      n   the. another name for (Queen) Elizabeth I of England  
      n   any of several American clematis plants, esp. Clematis virginiana, of E North America, which has clusters of small white flowers  
virgin soil  
1    soil that has not been cultivated before  
2    a person or thing that is as yet undeveloped  
virgin wool  
      n   wool that is being processed or woven for the first time  
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Virgin          [1]  
1       the. See       Virgin Mary  
2    a statue or other artistic representation of the Virgin Mary  

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Virgin          [2]  
      n   the. the constellation Virgo, the sixth sign of the zodiac  

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      n   damsel     (archaic)   girl, maid     (archaic)   maiden     (archaic)   vestal, virgo intacta  
      adj   chaste, fresh, immaculate, maidenly, modest, new, pristine, pure, snowy, uncorrupted, undefiled, unsullied, untouched, unused, vestal, virginal  
,       adj   contaminated, corrupted, defiled, dirty, impure, polluted, spoiled, used  

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abbr. acron.
extra virgin olive oil
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