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1    modifier   of, consisting of, or containing the monovalent group of atoms CH2CH-  
a vinyl polymer, vinyl chloride     
2    modifier   of, consisting of, or made of a vinyl resin  
a vinyl raincoat     
3    any vinyl polymer, resin, or plastic, esp. PVC  
4    (collectively) conventional records made of vinyl as opposed to compact discs  
     (C19: from vini- + -yl)  

vinyl acetate  
      n   a colourless volatile liquid unsaturated ester that polymerizes readily in light and is used for making polyvinyl acetate. Formula: CH2:CHOOCCH3  
vinyl chloride  
      n   a colourless flammable gaseous unsaturated compound made by the chlorination of ethylene and used as a refrigerant and in the manufacture of PVC; chloroethylene; chloroethene. Formula: CH:CHCl  
vinyl resin   , polymer  
      n   any one of a class of thermoplastic materials, esp. PVC and polyvinyl acetate, made by polymerizing vinyl compounds  
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