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      vb   tr  
1    to defeat or overcome in a battle, contest, etc.; conquer  
2    to defeat or overcome in argument or debate  
3    to conquer (an emotion)  
     (C14 vanquisshen, from Old French venquis vanquished, from veintre to overcome, from Latin vincere)  
  vanquishable      adj  
  vanquisher      n  
  vanquishment      n  
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beat, blow out of the water     (slang)   clobber     (slang)   conquer, crush, defeat, get the upper hand over, lick     (informal)   master, overcome, overpower, overwhelm, put down, put to flight, put to rout, quell, reduce, repress, rout, run rings around     (informal)   stuff     (slang)   subdue, subjugate, tank     (slang)   triumph over, undo, wipe the floor with     (informal)  

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