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1    higher or highest in relation to physical position, wealth, rank, status, etc.  
2    cap when part of a name   lying farther upstream, inland, or farther north  
the upper valley of the Loire     
3    cap when part of a name     (Geology, archaeol)   denoting the late part or division of a period, system, formation, etc.  
Upper Palaeolithic     
4      (Maths)   (of a limit or bound) greater than or equal to one or more numbers or variables  
5    the higher of two objects, people, etc.  
6    the part of a shoe above the sole, covering the upper surface of the foot  
7    on one's uppers   extremely poor; destitute  
8    Informal   any tooth of the upper jaw  
9      (Also called (esp. U.S.))    up  
Slang   any of various drugs having a stimulant or euphoric effect  
   Compare       downer  

upper atmosphere  
      n     (Meteorol)   that part of the atmosphere above the troposphere, esp. at heights that cannot be reached by balloon  
Upper Austria  
      n   a state of N Austria: first divided from Lower Austria in 1251. Capital: Linz. Pop.: 1383620 (1994 est.). Area: 11978 sq. km (4625 sq. miles),   (German name)    Oberösterreich  
Upper Canada  
1      (History)   (from 1791--1841) the official name of the region of Canada lying southwest of the Ottawa River and north of the lower Great Lakes  
   Compare   Lower Canada  
2       (esp. in E Canada) another name for       Ontario  
upper case     (Printing)  
1    the top half of a compositor's type case in which capital letters, reference marks, and accents are kept  
      adj   upper-casewhen prenominal  
2    of or relating to capital letters kept in this case and used in the setting or production of printed or typed matter  
3    tr   to print with upper-case letters; capitalize  
upper chamber  
      n      another name for an       upper house  
upper class  
1    the class occupying the highest position in the social hierarchy, esp. the wealthy or the aristocracy  
      adj   upper-classwhen prenominal  
2    of or relating to the upper class  
3      (U.S. education)   of or relating to the junior or senior classes of a college or high school  
upper crust  
Informal   the upper class  
Upper Egypt  
      n   one of the four main administrative districts of Egypt: extends south from Cairo to the Sudan  
upper hand  
      n   the. the position of control; advantage (esp. in the phrases have or get the upper hand)  
upper house  
      n   often caps   one of the two houses of a bicameral legislature,   (Also called)    upper chamber      Compare       lower house  
upper mordent  
      n      another name for       inverted mordent  
Upper Palaeolithic  
1    the latest of the three periods of the Palaeolithic, beginning about 40000 b.c. and ending, in Europe, about 12000 b.c.: characterized by the emergence of modern man, Homo sapiens  
2    of or relating to this period  
Upper Palatinate  
      n      See       Palatinate  
Upper Peninsula  
      n   a peninsula in the northern U.S. between Lakes Superior and Michigan, constituting the N part of the state of Michigan  
upper regions  
      pl n  
Chiefly literary   the sky; heavens  
upper school  
      n   the senior pupils in a secondary school, usually those in the fourth and fifth years and above  
Upper Silesia  
      n   a region of SW Poland, formerly ruled by Germany: coal mining and other heavy industry  
Upper Tunguska  
      n      See       Tunguska  
Upper Volta  
      n      the former name (until 1984) of       Burkina-Faso  
upper works  
      pl n     (Nautical)   the parts of a vessel above the waterline when fully laden  
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1    high, higher, loftier, top, topmost  
2    elevated, eminent, greater, important, superior  
   bottom, inferior, junior, low, lower  

aristocratic, blue-blooded, highborn, high-class, noble, patrician, top-drawer, well-bred  
upper hand     
advantage, ascendancy, control, dominion, edge, mastery, superiority, supremacy, sway, whip hand  

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reach an extreme point or an upper limit; exhaust all options or resources
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