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1    of, relating to, or typical of the whole of mankind or of nature  
2    common to, involving, or proceeding from all in a particular group  
3    applicable to or affecting many individuals, conditions, or cases; general  
4    existing or prevailing everywhere  
5    applicable or occurring throughout or relating to the universe; cosmic  
a universal constant     
6    (esp. of a language) capable of being used and understood by all  
7    embracing or versed in many fields of knowledge, activity, interest, etc.  
8      (Machinery)   designed or adapted for a range of sizes, fittings, or uses  
9      (Linguistics)   (of a constraint in a formal grammar) common to the grammatical description of all human languages, actual or possible  
10      (Logic)   (of a statement or proposition) affirming or denying something about every member of a class, as in all men are wicked  
   Compare       particular       6  
11      (Philosophy)  
a    a general term or concept or the type such a term signifies  
b    a metaphysical entity taken to be the reference of a general term, as distinct from the class of individuals it describes  
c    a Platonic Idea or Aristotelian form  
12      (Logic)  
a    a universal proposition, statement, or formula  
b    a universal quantifier  
13    a characteristic common to every member of a particular culture or to every human being  
14       short for       universal joint  
  universalness      n  
The use of more universal as in his writings have long been admired by fellow scientists, but his latest book should have more universal appeal is acceptable in modern English usage  

Saybolt universal seconds  
      n   functioning as sing   a U.S. measurement of viscosity similar in type to the British Redwood seconds  
     (named after G. M. Saybolt (died 1924), US chemist, who proposed it)  
universal beam  
      n   a broad-flanged rolled steel joist suitable for a stanchion (axial load) or beam (bending load)  
universal class   , set  
      n   (in Boolean algebra) the class containing all points and including all other classes  
universal donor  
      n   a person who has blood of group O and whose blood may be safely transfused to persons with most other blood types  
universal gas constant  
      n      another name for       gas constant  
universal grammar  
      n     (Linguistics)   (in Chomskyan transformation linguistics) the abstract limitations on the formal grammatical description of all human languages, actual or possible, that make them human languages  
universal joint   , coupling  
      n   a form of coupling between two rotating shafts allowing freedom of movement in all directions  
universal motor  
      n   an electric motor capable of working on either direct current or single-phase alternating current at approximately the same speed and output  
universal quantifier  
      n     (Logic)   a formal device indicating that the open sentence that follows is true of every member of the relevant universe of interpretation, as (<uquant>x)(Fx<arrow>Gx) or (x)(Fx<arrow>Gx), literally, for everything, if it is an F it is a G, that is, all Fs are Gs.,   (Usual symbol)    <uquant>  
Universal Soul   , Spirit  
      n     (Hinduism)   Brahman in its aspect as the sacred syllable Om, the eternal and spiritual principle that permeates the universe  
universal time  
1    (from 1928) name adopted internationally for Greenwich Mean Time (measured from Greenwich midnight), now split into several slightly different scales, one of which (UT1) is used by astronomers,   (Abbrev.)    UT  
2      (Also called)    universal coordinated time   an internationally agreed system for civil timekeeping introduced in 1960 and redefined in 1972 as an atomic timescale. Available from broadcast signals, it has a second equal to the International Atomic Time (TAI) second, the difference between UTC and TAI being an integral number of seconds with leap seconds inserted when necessary to keep it within 0.9 seconds of UT1,   (Abbrev.)    UTC  
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all-embracing, catholic, common, ecumenical, entire, general, omnipresent, total, unlimited, whole, widespread, worldwide  

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relating to, involving, or dealing with abstract, general, or universal statements or laws
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