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turn away


      vb   adv  
1    to move or cause to move in a different direction so as not to face something  
one of the children turned away while the others hid     
2    tr   to refuse admittance or assistance to  
dozens of people were turned away from the hostel     
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1    to move or cause to move around an axis  
a wheel turning, to turn a knob     
2    sometimes foll by: round   to change or cause to change positions by moving through an arc of a circle  
he turned the chair to face the light     
3    to change or cause to change in course, direction, etc.  
he turned left at the main road     
4    (of soldiers, ships, etc.) to alter the direction of advance by changing direction simultaneously or (of a commander) to cause the direction of advance to be altered simultaneously  
5    to go or pass to the other side of (a corner, etc.)  
6    to assume or cause to assume a rounded, curved, or folded form  
the road turns here     
7    to reverse or cause to reverse position  
8    tr   to pass round (an enemy or enemy position) so as to attack it from the flank or rear  
the Germans turned the Maginot line     
9    tr   to perform or do by a rotating movement  
to turn a somersault     
10    tr   to shape or cut a thread in (a workpiece, esp. one of metal, wood, or plastic) by rotating it on a lathe against a fixed cutting tool  
11    when intr, foll by: into or to   to change or convert or be changed or converted  
the alchemists tried to turn base metals into gold     
12    foll by: into   to change or cause to change in nature, character, etc.  
the frog turned into a prince     
13    copula   to change so as to become  
he turned nasty when he heard the price     
14    to cause (foliage, etc.) to change colour or (of foliage, etc.) to change colour  
frost turned the trees a vivid orange     
15    to cause (milk, etc.) to become rancid or sour or (of milk, etc.) to become rancid or sour  
16    to change or cause to change in subject, trend, etc.  
the conversation turned to fishing     
17    to direct or apply or be directed or applied  
he turned his attention to the problem     
18    intr; usually foll by: to   to appeal or apply (to) for help, advice, etc.  
she was very frightened and didn't know where to turn     
19    to reach, pass, or progress beyond in age, time, etc.  
she has just turned twenty     
20    tr   to cause or allow to go  
to turn an animal loose     
21    to affect or be affected with nausea  
the sight of the dead body turned his stomach     
22    to affect or be affected with giddiness  
my head is turning     
23    tr   to affect the mental or emotional stability of (esp. in the phrase turn (someone's) head)  
24    tr   to release from a container  
she turned the fruit into a basin     
25    tr   to render into another language  
26    usually foll by: against or from   to transfer or reverse or cause to transfer or reverse (one's loyalties, affections, etc.)  
27    tr   to cause (an enemy agent) to become a double agent working for one's own side  
the bureau turned some of the spies it had caught     
28    tr   to bring (soil) from lower layers to the surface  
29    to blunt (an edge) or (of an edge) to become blunted  
30    tr   to give a graceful form to  
to turn a compliment     
31    tr   to reverse (a cuff, collar, etc.) in order to hide the outer worn side  
32    intr     (U.S.)   to be merchandised as specified  
shirts are turning well this week     
33      (Cricket)   to spin (the ball) or (of the ball) to spin  
34    turn one's hand to   to undertake (something, esp. something practical)  
35    turn tail   to run away; flee  
36    turn the tables (on someone)      See       table       17  
37    turn the tide   to reverse the general course of events  
38    an act or instance of turning or the state of being turned or the material turned  
a turn of a rope around a bollard     
39    a movement of complete or partial rotation  
40    a change or reversal of direction or position  
41    direction or drift  
his thoughts took a new turn     
42    a deviation or departure from a course or tendency  
43    the place, point, or time at which a deviation or change occurs  
44       another word for       turning       1  
45    the right or opportunity to do something in an agreed order or succession  
we'll take turns to play, now it's George's turn, you must not play out of turn     
46    a change in nature, condition, etc.  
his illness took a turn for the worse     
47    a period of action, work, etc.  
48    a short walk, ride, or excursion  
to take a turn in the park     
49    natural inclination  
he is of a speculative turn of mind, she has a turn for needlework     
50    distinctive form or style  
a neat turn of phrase     
51    requirement, need, or advantage  
to serve someone's turn     
52    a deed performed that helps or hinders someone  
to do an old lady a good turn     
53    a twist, bend, or distortion in shape  
54      (Music)   a melodic ornament that makes a turn around a note, beginning with the note above, in a variety of sequences  
55      (Theatre)     (chiefly Brit)   a short theatrical act, esp. in music hall, cabaret, etc.  
56      (Stock Exchange)  
a      (Brit)   the difference between a market maker's bid and offer prices, representing the market maker's profit  
b    a transaction including both a purchase and a sale  
57    a military manoeuvre in which men or ships alter their direction of advance together  
58      (Austral)  
slang   a party  
59    Informal   a shock or surprise  
the bad news gave her quite a turn     
60    at every turn   on all sides or occasions  
61    by turns   one after another; alternately  
62    on the turn  
a    at the point of change  
b    about to go rancid  
63    out of turn  
a    not in the correct or agreed order of succession  
b    improperly, inappropriately, or inopportunely  
64    turn and turn about   one after another; alternately  
65    to a turn   to the proper amount; perfectly  
cooked to a turn        (See also)        turn against       turn away       turn down       turn in       turn off       turn on       turn out       turn over       turn to       turn up  
     (Old English tyrnian, from Old French torner, from Latin tornare to turn in a lathe, from tornus lathe, from Greek tornos dividers)  
  turnable      adj  

about turn   ,   (U.S.)   about face  
1    a military command to a formation of men to reverse the direction in which they are facing  
  about-turn     (U.S.)  
2    a complete change or reversal, as of opinion, attitude, direction, etc.  
  about-turn     (U.S.)  
3    intr   to perform an about-turn  
      n   a unit of magnetomotive force; the magnetomotive force produced by a current of 1 ampere passing through one complete turn of a coil. 1 ampere-turn is equivalent to 4π/10 or 1.257 gilberts,   (Abbrevs.)    At, A  
Buggins' turn   , Buggins's turn  
      n     (Brit)  
slang   the principle of awarding an appointment to members of a group in turn, rather than according to merit  
     (C20: origin unknown)  
good turn  
      n   a helpful and friendly act; good deed; favour  
handbrake turn  
      n   a turn sharply reversing the direction of a vehicle by speedily applying the handbrake while turning the steering wheel  
Immelmann turn   , Immelmann  
      n   an aircraft manoeuvre used to gain height while reversing the direction of flight. It consists of a half loop followed by a half roll  
     (C20: named after Max Immelmann (1890--1916), German aviator)  
kick turn  
      n     (Skiing)   a standing turn performed by swivelling each ski separately through 180°  
lodging turn  
      n   a period of work or duty, esp. among railway workers, which involves sleeping away from home  
parallel turn  
      n     (Skiing)   a turn, executed by shifting one's weight, in which the skis stay parallel  
stem turn  
      n     (Skiing)   a turn in which the heel of one ski is stemmed and the other ski is brought parallel,   (Also called)    stem  
three-point turn  
      n   a turn reversing the direction of motion of a motor vehicle using forward and reverse gears alternately, and completed after only three movements  
turn against  
      vb   prep   to change or cause to change one's attitude so as to become hostile or to retaliate  
turn away  
      vb   adv  
1    to move or cause to move in a different direction so as not to face something  
one of the children turned away while the others hid     
2    tr   to refuse admittance or assistance to  
dozens of people were turned away from the hostel     
turn bridge  
      n      another name for       swing bridge  
turn down  
      vb   tr, adv  
1    to reduce (the volume or brightness) of (something)  
turn the radio down     
2    to reject or refuse  
3    to fold down (a collar, sheets on a bed, etc.)  
      adj   , turndown  
4    prenominal   capable of being or designed to be folded or doubled down  
turn in  
      vb   adv  
1    intr   to go to bed for the night  
2    tr   to hand in; deliver  
to turn in an essay     
3    tr   to deliver (someone accused of a crime) into police custody  
4    to give up or conclude (something)  
we turned in the game when it began to rain     
5    tr   to record (a score, etc.)  
6    turn in on oneself   to withdraw or cause to withdraw from contact with others and become preoccupied with one's own problems  
turn off  
1    intr   to leave (a road, pathway, etc.)  
2    intr   (of a road, pathway, etc.) to deviate from (another road, etc.)  
3    tr, adv   to cause (something) to cease operating by turning a knob, pushing a button, etc.  
to turn off the radio     
4    tr  
Informal   to cause (a person, etc.) to feel dislike or distaste for (something)  
this music turns me off     
5    tr, adv     (Brit)  
informal   to dismiss from employment  
6    a road or other way branching off from the main thoroughfare  
7    Informal   a person or thing that elicits dislike or distaste  
turn on  
1    tr, adv   to cause (something) to operate by turning a knob, etc.  
to turn on the light     
2    intr, prep   to depend or hinge on  
the success of the party turns on you     
3    prep   to change or cause to change one's attitude so as to become hostile or to retaliate  
the dog turned on the children     
4    tr, adv  
Informal   to produce (charm, tears, etc.) suddenly or automatically  
5    tr adv  
Slang   to arouse emotionally or sexually  
6    intr, adv  
Slang   to take or become intoxicated by drugs  
7    tr, adv  
Slang   to introduce (someone) to drugs  
8    Slang   a person or thing that causes emotional or sexual arousal  
turn out  
      vb   adv  
1    tr   to cause (something, esp. a light) to cease operating by or as if by turning a knob, etc.  
2    tr   to produce by an effort or process  
she turned out 50 units per hour     
3    tr   to dismiss, discharge, or expel  
the family had been turned out of their home     
4    tr   to empty the contents of, esp. in order to clean, tidy, or rearrange  
to turn out one's pockets     
5    copula  
a    to prove to be  
her work turned out to be badly done     
b    to end up; result  
it all turned out well     
6    tr   to fit as with clothes  
that woman turns her children out well     
7    intr   to assemble or gather  
a crowd turned out for the fair     
8    (of a soldier) to parade or to call (a soldier) to parade  
9    intr  
Informal   to get out of bed  
10    intr; foll by: for  
Informal   to make an appearance, esp. in a sporting competition  
he was asked to turn out for Liverpool     
11    the body of people appearing together at a gathering  
12    the quantity or amount produced  
13    an array of clothing or equipment  
14    the manner in which a person or thing is arrayed or equipped  
turn over  
1    to change or cause to change position, esp. so as to reverse top and bottom  
2    to start (an engine), esp. with a starting handle, or (of an engine) to start or function correctly  
3    to shift or cause to shift position, as by rolling from side to side  
4    tr   to deliver; transfer  
5    tr   to consider carefully  
he turned over the problem for hours     
6    tr  
a    to sell and replenish (stock in trade)  
b    to transact business and so generate gross revenue of (a specified sum)  
7    tr   to invest and recover (capital)  
8    tr  
Slang   to rob  
9    to reform; resolve to improve one's behaviour  
a    the amount of business, usually expressed in terms of gross revenue, transacted during a specified period  
b    (as modifier)  
a turnover tax     
11    the rate at which stock in trade is sold and replenished  
12    a change or reversal of position  
13    a small semicircular or triangular pastry case filled with fruit, jam, etc.  
a    the number of workers employed by a firm in a given period to replace those who have left  
b    the ratio between this number and the average number of employees during the same period  
15      (Banking)   the amount of capital funds loaned on call during a specified period  
16    prenominal   able or designed to be turned or folded over  
a turnover collar     
turn to  
      vb   intr, adv   to set about a task  
we must turn to and finish our work     
turn up  
      vb   adv  
1    intr   to arrive or appear  
he turned up late at the party     
2    to find or be found, esp. by accident  
his book turned up in the cupboard     
3    tr   to increase the flow, volume, etc., of  
to turn up the radio     
4    tr  
Informal   to cause to vomit  
5    often pl     (Brit)   the turned-up fold at the bottom of some trouser legs,   (U.S. and Canadian name)    cuff  
6    Informal   an unexpected or chance occurrence  
1    a turn made by a vehicle in the shape of a U, resulting in a reversal of direction  
2    a complete change in direction of political or other policy  

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1    circle, go round, gyrate, move in a circle, pivot, revolve, roll, rotate, spin, swivel, twirl, twist, wheel, whirl  
2    change course, change position, go back, move, return, reverse, shift, swerve, switch, veer, wheel  
3    arc, come round, corner, go round, negotiate, pass, pass around, take a bend  
4    adapt, alter, become, change, convert, divert, fashion, fit, form, metamorphose, mould, mutate, remodel, shape, transfigure, transform, transmute  
5    become rancid, curdle, go bad, go off     (Brit. informal)   go sour, make rancid, sour, spoil, taint  
6    appeal, apply, approach, go, have recourse, look, resort  
7    nauseate, sicken, upset  
8    apostatize, bring round     (informal)   change one's mind, change sides, defect, desert, go over, influence, persuade, prejudice, prevail upon, renege, retract, talk into  
9    construct, deliver, execute, fashion, frame, make, mould, perform, shape, write  
10    turn tail      beat a hasty retreat, bolt, cut and run     (informal)   flee, hook it     (slang)   run away, run off, show a clean pair of heels, take off     (informal)   take to one's heels  
11    bend, change, circle, curve, cycle, gyration, pivot, reversal, revolution, rotation, spin, swing, turning, twist, whirl  
12    bias, direction, drift, heading, tendency, trend  
13    bend, change of course, change of direction, curve, departure, deviation, shift  
14    chance, crack     (informal)   fling, go, opportunity, period, round, shift, shot     (informal)   spell, stint, succession, time, try, whack     (informal)  
15    airing, circuit, constitutional, drive, excursion, jaunt, outing, promenade, ride, saunter, spin     (informal)   stroll, walk  
16    affinity, aptitude, bent, bias, flair, gift, inclination, knack, leaning, propensity, talent  
17    cast, fashion, form, format, guise, make-up, manner, mode, mould, shape, style, way  
18    act, action, deed, favour, gesture, service  
19    bend, distortion, twist, warp  
20      (informal)   fright, scare, shock, start, surprise  
21    by turns      alternately, in succession, one after another, reciprocally, turn and turn about  
22    to a turn      correctly, exactly, just right, perfectly, precisely  

about-turn   , about-face     (U.S.)  
      n   change of direction, reversal, reverse, right about (turn), turnabout, turnaround, U-turn, volte-face  
      vb   change direction, do or perform a U-turn or volte-face, face the opposite direction, reverse, turn about or around, turn through 180 degrees, volte-face  
turn down  
1    diminish, lessen, lower, muffle, mute, quieten, reduce the volume of, soften  
2    abstain from, decline, rebuff, refuse, reject, repudiate, say no to, spurn, throw out  
1    amplify, augment, boost, increase, raise, strengthen, swell, turn up  
2    accede, accept, acquiesce, agree, receive, take  
turn in  
1    go to bed, go to sleep, hit the hay     (slang)   hit the sack     (slang)   retire for the night  
2    deliver, give back, give up, hand in, hand over, return, submit, surrender, tender  
branch, exit, side road, turn, turning  
turn off  
1    branch off, change direction, depart from, deviate, leave, quit, take another road, take a side road  
2    cut out, kill, put out, shut down, stop, switch off, turn out, unplug  
3      (informal)   alienate, bore, disenchant, disgust, displease, gross out     (U.S. slang)   irritate, lose one's interest, nauseate, offend, put off, repel, sicken  
turn on  
1    activate, energize, ignite, kick-start, put on, set in motion, start, start up, switch on  
2    balance, be contingent on, be decided by, depend, hang, hinge, pivot, rest  
3    assail, assault, attack, fall on, lose one's temper with, round on  
4      (slang)   arouse, arouse one's desire, attract, excite, please, press one's buttons     (slang)   ring (someone's) bell     (U.S. slang)   stimulate, thrill, titillate, work up  
5      (slang)   get high     (informal)   get stoned     (slang)   take drugs, trip     (informal)  
6      (slang)   expose, get one started with, inform, initiate, introduce, show  
1    cut out, put out, shut off, stop, switch off, turn off  
turn out  
1    put out, switch off, turn off, unplug  
2    bring out, fabricate, finish, make, manufacture, process, produce, put out  
3    axe     (informal)   banish, cashier, cast out, deport, discharge, dismiss, dispossess, drive out, drum out, evict, expel, fire     (informal)   give one the sack     (informal)   give the bum's rush     (slang)   kick out     (informal)   kiss off     (slang, chiefly U.S. & Canad.)   oust, put out, relegate, sack     (informal)   show one the door, throw out, turf out     (Brit. informal)   unseat  
4    clean out, clear, discharge, empty, take out the contents of  
5    become, come about, come to be, come to light, crop up     (informal)   develop, emerge, end up, eventuate, evolve, happen, prove to be, result, transpire     (informal)   work out  
6    accoutre, apparel     (archaic)   attire, clothe, dress, fit, outfit, rig out  
7    appear, assemble, attend, be present, come, gather, go, put in an appearance, show up     (informal)   turn up  
turn over  
1    capsize, flip over, keel over, overturn, reverse, tip over, upend, upset  
2    activate, crank, press the starter button, set going, set in motion, start up, switch on, switch on the ignition, warm up  
3    assign, commend, commit, deliver, give over, give up, hand over, pass on, render, surrender, transfer, yield  
4    consider, contemplate, deliberate, give thought to, mull over, ponder, reflect on, revolve, ruminate about, think about, think over, wonder about  
5    break up, dig, plough  
turn up  
1    appear, arrive, attend, come, put in an appearance, show     (informal)   show one's face, show up     (informal)  
2    appear, become known, be found, bring to light, come to light, come to pass, come up with, crop up     (informal)   dig up, disclose, discover, expose, find, pop up, reveal, transpire, unearth  
3    amplify, boost, enhance, increase, increase the volume of, intensify, make louder, raise  
2    disappear, evaporate, fade, hide, vanish  
3    diminish, lessen, lower, reduce, soften, turn down  

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Collaborative Dictionary     English Definition
a short performance
1 (referring to taste) ferment, acidify; 2. (fig.) deteriorate, fall apart
1. The milk turned sour. 2. The relation between them turned sour.
(metaphorically) die
away from keybord
[Internet slang] It indicates that the person is no longer in front of the computer.
the process of taking away an amount from a total, or the amount that is taken away
When I went shopping with my mother, our shopping bill was deducted 10% because we used our M-card.
to take OR turn OR bring something down a notch means to decrease its intensity
familiar and evocative expression used to describe a chaotic situation in which things turn wrong, suddenly causing a lot of trouble or making someone very angry
[Fam.] Ex.: The shit hit the fan when his wife found out that he had cheated on her.
go away idiot, fool ; leave me alone idiot, fool ; fuck you idiot, fool ; fuck off idiot, fool.
the point where a minor change turns into a major and irreversible one
[Bus.] E.g. : Some have anticipated that social media would be the tipping point of web marketing.
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