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1    in a true, just, or faithful manner  
2    (intensifier)  
a truly great man     
3    indeed; really,   (See also)        yours truly  

yours truly  
      pron   an informal term for I, myself, or me  
     (from the conventional closing phrase used at the end of letters)  
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1    accurately, authentically, beyond doubt, beyond question, correctly, exactly, factually, genuinely, in actuality, in fact, in reality, in truth, legitimately, precisely, really, rightly, truthfully, veraciously, veritably, without a doubt  
2    confirmedly, constantly, devotedly, dutifully, faithfully, firmly, honestly, honourably, loyally, sincerely, staunchly, steadily, with all one's heart, with dedication, with devotion  
3    exceptionally, extremely, greatly, indeed, of course, really, seriously     (informal)   to be sure, verily, very  
1    doubtfully, falsely, fraudulently, inaccurately, incorrectly, mistakenly  

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yours truly, trull, Tully, trusty

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