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      vb   , -mits, -mitting, -mitted  
1    tr   to pass or cause to go from one place or person to another; transfer  
2    tr   to pass on or impart (a disease, infection, etc.)  
3    tr   to hand down to posterity  
4    tr; usually passive   to pass (an inheritable characteristic) from parent to offspring  
5    to allow the passage of (particles, energy, etc.)  
radio waves are transmitted through the atmosphere     
a    to send out (signals) by means of radio waves or along a transmission line  
b    to broadcast (a radio or television programme)  
7    tr   to transfer (a force, motion, power, etc.) from one part of a mechanical system to another  
     (C14: from Latin transmittere to send across, from trans- + mittere to send)  
  transmittable, transmittible      adj  
  transmittal      n  
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1    bear, carry, communicate, convey, diffuse, dispatch, disseminate, forward, hand down, hand on, impart, pass on, remit, send, spread, take, transfer, transport  
2    broadcast, disseminate, put on the air, radio, relay, send, send out  

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