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1    a change or alteration, esp. a radical one  
2    the act of transforming or the state of being transformed  
3      (Maths)  
a    a change in position or direction of the reference axes in a coordinate system without an alteration in their relative angle  
b    an equivalent change in an expression or equation resulting from the substitution of one set of variables by another  
4      (Physics)   a change in an atomic nucleus to a different nuclide as the result of the emission of either an alpha-particle or a beta-particle  
   Compare       transition       5  
5      (Linguistics)      another word for       transformational rule  
6    an apparently miraculous change in the appearance of a stage set  
   transformational             adj  

transformational grammar  
      n   a grammatical description of a language making essential use of transformational rules. Such grammars are usually but not necessarily generative grammars  
   Compare       systemic grammar       case grammar  
transformational rule  
1      (Generative grammar)   a rule that converts one phrase marker into another. Taken together, these rules, which form the transformational component of the grammar, convert the deep structures of sentences into their surface structures  
2    pl     (Logic)   a rule that specifies in purely syntactic terms a method by which theorems may be derived from the axioms of a formal system  
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