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track meet


      n     (U.S. and Canadian)   an athletics meeting  
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1    the mark or trail left by something that has passed by  
the track of an animal     
2    any road or path affording passage, esp. a rough one  
3    a rail or pair of parallel rails on which a vehicle, such as a locomotive, runs, esp. the rails together with the sleepers, ballast, etc., on a railway  
4    a course of action, thought, etc.  
don't start on that track again!     
5    a line of motion or travel, such as flight  
6    an endless jointed metal band driven by the wheels of a vehicle such as a tank or tractor to enable it to move across rough or muddy ground  
7      (Physics)   the path of a particle of ionizing radiation as observed in a cloud chamber, bubble chamber, or photographic emulsion  
a    a course for running or racing  
b    (as modifier)  
track events     
9      (U.S. and Canadian)  
a    sports performed on a track  
b    track and field events as a whole  
10    a path on a magnetic recording medium, esp. magnetic tape, on which information, such as music or speech, from a single input channel is recorded  
11    any of a number of separate sections in the recording on a record, CD, or cassette  
12    the distance between the points of contact with the ground of a pair of wheels, such as the front wheels of a motor vehicle or the paired wheels of an aircraft undercarriage  
13    a hypothetical trace made on the surface of the earth by a point directly below an aircraft in flight  
14    keep (or lose) track of   to follow (or fail to follow) the passage, course, or progress of  
15    off the beaten track      See       beaten       4  
16    off the track   away from what is correct or true  
17    on the track of   on the scent or trail of; pursuing  
18    the right (or wrong) track   pursuing the correct (or incorrect) line of investigation, inquiry, etc.  
19    to follow the trail of (a person, animal, etc.)  
20    to follow the flight path of (a satellite, spacecraft, etc.) by picking up radio or radar signals transmitted or reflected by it  
21      (U.S., railways)  
a    to provide with a track  
b    to run on a track of (a certain width)  
22    (of a camera or camera operator) to follow (a moving object) in any direction while operating  
23    to move (a camera) towards the scene (track in) or away from the scene (track out)  
24    to follow a track through (a place)  
to track the jungles     
25    intr   (of the pick-up, stylus, etc., of a record player) to follow the groove of a record  
the pick-up tracks badly        (See also)        tracks  
     (C15: from Old French trac, probably of Germanic origin; related to Middle Dutch tracken to pull, Middle Low German trecken; compare Norwegian trakke to trample)  
  trackable      adj  
  tracker      n  

cart track  
      n   a rough track or road in a rural area,   (Also called)    cart road  
cinder track  
      n   a racetrack covered with fine cinders  
      adj   taking the quickest and often most competitive route to success or personal advancement  
fast-track executives     
fission-track dating  
      n   the dating of samples of minerals by comparing the tracks in them by fission fragments of the uranium nuclei they contain, before and after irradiation by neutrons  
      n   a vehicle with caterpillar tracks on the wheels that supply motive power only  
  half-tracked      adj  
inside track  
1    the inner and therefore shorter side of a racecourse  
2    Informal   a position of advantage  
the local man has the inside track in this contest     
1    Informal   obsessed with one idea, subject, etc.  
2    having or consisting of a single track  
1    (of a railway) having only a single pair of lines, so that trains can travel in only one direction at a time  
2    (of a road) only wide enough for one vehicle  
3    able to think about only one thing; one-track  
track down  
      vb   tr, adv   to find by tracking or pursuing  
track event  
      n   a competition in athletics, such as relay running or sprinting, that takes place on a running track  
track meet  
      n     (U.S. and Canadian)   an athletics meeting  
track record  
Informal   the past record of the accomplishments and failures of a person, business, etc.  
track rod  
      n   the rod connecting the two front wheels of a motor vehicle ensuring that they turn at the same angle  
track shoe  
      n   either of a pair of light running shoes fitted with steel spikes for better grip,   (Also called)    spike  
wild track  
      n   a soundtrack recorded other than with a synchronized picture, usually carrying sound effects, random dialogue, etc.  

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1    footmark, footprint, footstep, mark, path, scent, slipstream, slot, spoor, trace, trail, wake  
2    course, flight path, line, orbit, path, pathway, road, track, trajectory, way  
3    line, permanent way, rail, rails  
4    keep track of      follow, keep an eye on, keep in sight, keep in touch with, keep up to date with, keep up with, monitor, oversee, watch  
5    lose track of      lose, lose sight of, misplace  
6    chase, dog, follow, follow the trail of, hunt down, pursue, shadow, stalk, tail     (informal)   trace, trail  

fanatical, fixated, monomaniacal, obsessed, single-track  
track down     
apprehend, bring to light, capture, catch, dig up, discover, expose, ferret out, find, hunt down, run to earth or ground, sniff out, trace, unearth  

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