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1    a shade of a colour, esp. a pale one  
2    a colour that is softened or desaturated by the addition of white  
3    a tinge  
4    a semipermanent dye for the hair  
5    a trace or hint  
a tint of jealousy in his voice     
6      (Engraving)   uniform shading, produced esp. by hatching  
7      (Printing)   a panel of colour serving as a background to letters or other matter  
8    tr   to colour or tinge  
9    tr   to change or influence slightly  
his answer was tinted by his prior knowledge     
10    intr   to acquire a tint  
     (C18: from earlier tinct)  
  tinter      n  

tint tool  
      n   a kind of burin used in wood engraving for carving lines of even thickness, as in hatching  
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1    cast, colour, hue, shade, tone  
2    dye, rinse, stain, tincture, tinge, wash  
3    hint, shade, suggestion, tinge, touch, trace  
4    colour, dye, rinse, stain, tincture, tinge  
5    affect, colour, influence, taint, tinge  

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