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1    stretched or drawn so as not to be loose; taut  
a tight cord     
2    fitting or covering in a close manner  
a tight dress     
3    held, made, fixed, or closed firmly and securely  
a tight knot     
a    of close and compact construction or organization, esp. so as to be impervious to water, air, etc.  
b    (in combination)  
watertight, airtight     
5    unyielding or stringent  
to keep a tight hold on resources     
6    cramped or constricted  
a tight fit     
7    mean or miserly  
8    difficult and problematic  
a tight situation     
9    hardly profitable  
a tight bargain     
10      (Economics)  
a    (of a commodity) difficult to obtain; in excess demand  
b    (of funds, money, etc.) difficult and expensive to borrow because of high demand or restrictive monetary policy  
c    (of markets) characterized by excess demand or scarcity with prices tending to rise  
   Compare       easy       8  
11    (of a match or game) very close or even  
12    (of a team or group, esp. of a pop group) playing well together, in a disciplined coordinated way  
13    Informal   drunk  
14    Informal   (of a person) showing tension  
15    Archaic or dialect   neat  
16    in a close, firm, or secure way  
pull it tight     
17    sit tight  
a    to wait patiently; bide one's time  
b    to maintain one's position, stand, or opinion firmly  
18    sleep tight   to sleep soundly  
     (C14: probably variant of thight, from Old Norse thettr close; related to Middle High German dihte thick)  
   tightly             adv  
  tightness      n  
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