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1    a person whose occupation is teaching others, esp. children  
2    a personified concept that teaches  
nature is a good teacher     
  teacherless      adj  

advisory teacher  
      n     (Brit)   a teacher who visits schools to advise teachers on curriculum developments within a particular subject area  
head teacher  
      n   a headmaster or headmistress  
home teacher  
      n     (Brit)   a teacher who educates ill or disabled children in their homes  
parent teacher association  
      n   a social group of the parents of children at a school and their teachers formed in order to foster better understanding between them and to organize activities on behalf of the school,   (Abbrev.)    PTA  
student teacher  
      n   a person who is teaching in a school for a limited period under supervision as part of a course to qualify as a teacher  
supply teacher  
      n   a teacher employed to replace other teachers when they are absent  
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coach, dominie     (Scot.)   don, educator, guide, guru, handler, instructor, lecturer, master, mentor, mistress, pedagogue, professor, schoolmaster, schoolmistress, schoolteacher, trainer, tutor  

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