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1    a report, narrative, or story  
2    one of a group of short stories connected by an overall narrative framework  
a    a malicious or meddlesome rumour or piece of gossip  
to bear tales against someone     
b    (in combination)  
talebearer, taleteller     
4    a fictitious or false statement  
5    tell tales  
a    to tell fanciful lies  
b    to report malicious stories, trivial complaints, etc., esp. to someone in authority  
6    tell a tale   to reveal something important  
7    tell its own tale   to be self-evident  
8    Archaic  
a    a number; amount  
b    computation or enumeration  
9       an obsolete word for       talk  
     (Old English talu list; related to Old Frisian tele talk, Old Saxon, Old Norse tala talk, number, Old High German zala number)  

fairy tale   , story  
1    a story about fairies or other mythical or magical beings, esp. one of traditional origin told to children  
2    a highly improbable account  
1    of or relating to a fairy tale  
2    resembling a fairy tale, esp. in being extremely happy or fortunate  
a true story with a fairy-tale ending     
3    highly improbable  
he came out with a fairy-tale account of his achievements     
folk tale   , story  
      n   a tale or legend originating among a people and typically becoming part of an oral tradition  
old wives' tale  
      n   a belief, usually superstitious or erroneous, passed on by word of mouth as a piece of traditional wisdom  
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1    account, anecdote, conte, fable, fiction, legend, narration, narrative, novel, relation, report, romance, saga, short story, spiel     (informal)   story, urban legend, yarn     (informal)  
2    cock-and-bull story     (informal)   fabrication, falsehood, fib, lie, rigmarole, rumour, spiel     (informal)   tall story     (informal)   untruth  

fairy tale   , fairy story  
1    folk tale, romance  
2    cock-and-bull story     (informal)   fabrication, fantasy, fiction, invention, lie, pork pie     (Brit. slang)   porky     (Brit. slang)   tall story, untruth  

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