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  (Nautical often)  
1    any mechanical system for lifting or pulling, esp. an arrangement of ropes and pulleys designed to lift heavy weights  
2    the equipment required for a particular occupation, etc.  
fishing tackle     
3      (Nautical)   the halyards and other running rigging aboard a vessel  
4      (Sport)   a physical challenge to an opponent, as to prevent his progress with the ball  
5      (American football)   a defensive lineman  
6    tr   to undertake (a task, problem, etc.)  
7    tr   to confront (a person, esp. an opponent) with a difficult proposition  
8      (Sport)   (esp. in football games) to challenge (an opponent) with a tackle  
     (C13: related to Middle Low German takel ship's rigging, Middle Dutch taken to take)  
  tackler      n  

block and tackle  
      n   a hoisting device in which a rope or chain is passed around a pair of blocks containing one or more pulleys. The upper block is secured overhead and the lower block supports the load, the effort being applied to the free end of the rope or chain  
double tackle  
      n   a lifting or pulling tackle in which a rope is passed around the twin pulleys of a pair of pulley blocks in sequence  
fishing tackle  
      n   all the equipment, such as rods, lines, bait, etc., used in angling  
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1    accoutrements, apparatus, equipment, gear, implements, outfit, paraphernalia, rig, rigging, tools, trappings  
2    block, challenge, stop  
3    apply oneself to, attempt, begin, come or get to grips with, deal with, embark upon, engage in, essay, get stuck into     (informal)   have a go at     (informal)   have a stab at     (informal)   set about, sink one's teeth into, take on, take the bit between one's teeth, try, turn one's hand to, undertake, wade into  
4    block, bring down, challenge, clutch, confront, grab, grasp, halt, intercept, seize, stop, take hold of, throw  

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