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1    characterized by, feeling, or showing sympathy; understanding  
2    in accord with the subject's personality or mood; congenial  
a sympathetic atmosphere     
3    when postpositive, often foll by: to or towards   showing agreement (with) or favour (towards)  
sympathetic to the proposals     
4      (Anatomy, physiol)   of or relating to the division of the autonomic nervous system that acts in opposition to the parasympathetic system accelerating the heartbeat, dilating the bronchi, inhibiting the smooth muscles of the digestive tract, etc.  
   Compare       parasympathetic  
5    relating to vibrations occurring as a result of similar vibrations in a neighbouring body  
sympathetic strings on a sitar     
   sympathetically             adv  
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appreciatively, feelingly, kindly, perceptively, responsively, sensitively, understandingly, warm-heartedly, warmly, with compassion, with feeling, with interest  

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