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1    moving or able to move quickly; fast  
2    occurring or performed quickly or suddenly; instant  
a swift response     
3    postpositive; foll by: to   prompt to act or respond  
swift to take revenge     
a    swiftly or quickly  
b    (in combination)  
5    any bird of the families Apodidae and Hemiprocnidae, such as Apus apus (common swift) of the Old World: order Apodiformes. They have long narrow wings and spend most of the time on the wing  
6    sometimes cap   a variety of domestic fancy pigeon originating in Egypt and Syria and having an appearance somewhat similar to a swift  
7       short for       swift moth  
8    any of certain North American lizards of the genera Sceloporus and Uta that can run very rapidly: family Iguanidae (iguanas)  
9    the main cylinder in a carding machine  
10    an expanding circular frame used to hold skeins of silk, wool, etc.  
     (Old English, from swifan to turn; related to Old Norse svifa to rove, Old Frisian swivia to waver, Old High German sweib a reversal; see swivel)  
   swiftly             adv  
  swiftness      n  
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apace, as fast as one's legs can carry one, (at) full tilt, double-quick, fast, hell for leather, hotfoot, hurriedly, in less than no time, like greased lightning     (informal)   like lightning, like the clappers     (Brit. informal)   nippily     (Brit. informal)   posthaste, promptly, pronto     (informal)   rapidly, speedily, without losing time  

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