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1    usually intr   to swing or cause to swing to and fro  
2    usually intr   to lean or incline or cause to lean or incline to one side or in different directions in turn  
3    usually intr   to vacillate or cause to vacillate between two or more opinions  
4    to be influenced or swerve or influence or cause to swerve to or from a purpose or opinion  
5    tr     (Nautical)   to hoist (a yard, mast, or other spar)  
6    Archaic or poetic   to rule or wield power (over)  
7    tr  
Archaic   to wield (a weapon)  
8    control; power  
9    a swinging or leaning movement  
10    Archaic   dominion; governing authority  
11    hold sway   to be master; reign  
     (C16: probably from Old Norse sveigja to bend; related to Dutch zwaaien, Low German swajen)  
  swayable      adj  
  swayer      n  
  swayful      adj  

      n     (Vet. science)   an abnormal sagging or concavity of the spine in horses  
  sway-backed      adj  
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1    bend, fluctuate, incline, lean, lurch, oscillate, rock, roll, swing, wave  
2    affect, control, direct, dominate, govern, guide, induce, influence, persuade, prevail on, win over  
3    ascendency, authority, clout     (informal)   command, control, dominion, government, influence, jurisdiction, power, predominance, rule, sovereignty  
4    hold sway      predominate, prevail, reign, rule, run  

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