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      vb   intr  
1    to trip or fall while walking or running  
2    to walk in an awkward, unsteady, or unsure way  
3    to make mistakes or hesitate in speech or actions  
4    foll by: across or upon   to come (across) by accident  
5    to commit a grave mistake or sin  
6    a false step, trip, or blunder  
7    the act of stumbling  
     (C14: related to Norwegian stumla, Danish dialect stumle; see stammer)  
  stumbler      n  
  stumbling      adj  
  stumblingly      adv  
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1    blunder about, come a cropper     (informal)   fall, falter, flounder, hesitate, lose one's balance, lurch, reel, slip, stagger, trip  
2      (with)       on or upon   blunder upon, chance upon, come across, discover, encounter, find, happen upon, light upon, run across, turn up  
3    falter, fluff     (informal)   stammer, stutter  

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