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1    (in vertebrates) the enlarged muscular saclike part of the alimentary canal in which food is stored until it has been partially digested and rendered into chyme  
   Related adj       gastric  
2    the corresponding digestive organ in invertebrates  
3    the abdominal region  
4    desire, appetite, or inclination  
I have no stomach for arguments     
5       an archaic word for       temper  
6       an obsolete word for       pride  
      vb   tr; used mainly in negative constructions  
7    to tolerate; bear  
I can't stomach his bragging     
8    to eat or digest  
he cannot stomach oysters     
     (C14: from Old French stomaque, from Latin stomachus (believed to be the seat of the emotions), from Greek stomakhos, from stoma mouth)  

stomach pump  
      n     (Med)   a suction device for removing stomach contents by a tube inserted through the mouth  
stomach worm  
      n   any of various nematode worms that are parasitic in the stomach of mammals, esp. Haemonchus contortus, which infests sheep: family Trichostrongylidae  
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1    abdomen, belly, breadbasket     (slang)   gut     (informal)   inside(s)     (informal)   paunch, pot, potbelly, spare tyre     (informal)   tummy     (informal)  
2    appetite, desire, inclination, mind, relish, taste  
3    abide, bear, endure, hack     (slang)   put up with     (informal)   reconcile or resign oneself to, submit to, suffer, swallow, take, tolerate  

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stomach flip n.
name given to the discomfort felt in the abdominal area in situations of stress or anxiety
also known as "butterflies in the stomach" sensation

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