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1    one of a pair of close-fitting garments made of knitted yarn to cover the foot and part or all of the leg  
2    something resembling this in position, function, appearance, etc.  
3    in (one's) stocking or stockinged feet   wearing stockings or socks but no shoes  
     (C16: from dialect stock stocking + -ing1)  
  stockinged      adj  

body stocking  
      n   a one-piece undergarment for women, usually of nylon, covering the torso  
Christmas stocking  
      n   a stocking hung up by children on Christmas Eve for Santa Claus to fill with presents  
stocking cap  
      n   a conical knitted cap, often with a tassel  
stocking filler  
      n     (Brit)   a present, esp. a toy, of a size suitable for inclusion in a child's Christmas stocking  
stocking frame  
      n   a type of knitting machine,   (Also called)    stocking loom, stocking machine  
stocking mask  
      n   a nylon stocking worn over the face by a criminal to disguise the features  
stocking stitch  
      n   a pattern of stitches in knitting consisting of alternate rows of plain and purl stitch  
     (C19: so named because of its use in hosiery)  
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