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1    the condition of a person, thing, etc., with regard to main attributes  
2    the structure, form, or constitution of something  
a solid state     
3    any mode of existence  
4    position in life or society; estate  
5    ceremonious style, as befitting wealth or dignity  
to live in state     
6    a sovereign political power or community  
7    the territory occupied by such a community  
8    the sphere of power in such a community  
affairs of state     
9    often cap   one of a number of areas or communities having their own governments and forming a federation under a sovereign government, as in the U.S.  
10    often cap   the body politic of a particular sovereign power, esp. as contrasted with a rival authority such as the Church  
11    Obsolete   a class or order; estate  
12    Informal   a nervous, upset, or excited condition (esp. in the phrase in a state)  
13    lie in state   (of a body) to be placed on public view before burial  
14    state of affairs   a situation; present circumstances or condition  
15    state of play   the current situation  
16    controlled or financed by a state  
state university     
17    of, relating to, or concerning the State  
State trial     
18    involving ceremony or concerned with a ceremonious occasion  
state visitd     
      vb   tr; may take a clause as object  
19    to articulate in words; utter  
20    to declare formally or publicly  
to state one's innocence     
21    to resolve  
     (C13: from Old French estat, from Latin status a standing, from stare to stand)  
   statable, stateable             adj  
  statehood      n  
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