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      vb   , stands, standing, stood   mainly intr  
1    also tr   to be or cause to be in an erect or upright position  
2    to rise to, assume, or maintain an upright position  
3    copula   to have a specified height when standing  
to stand six feet     
4    to be situated or located  
the house stands in the square     
5    to be or exist in a specified state or condition  
to stand in awe of someone     
6    to adopt or remain in a resolute position or attitude  
7    may take an infinitive   to be in a specified position  
I stand to lose money in this venture, he stands high in the president's favour     
8    to remain in force or continue in effect  
whatever the difficulties, my orders stand     
9    to come to a stop or halt, esp. temporarily  
10    (of water, etc.) to collect and remain without flowing  
11    often foll by: at   (of a score, account, etc.) to indicate the specified position of the parties involved  
the score stands at 20 to 1     
12    also tr; when intr, foll by: for   to tolerate or bear  
I won't stand for your nonsense any longer, I can't stand spiders     
13    tr   to resist; survive  
to stand the test of time     
14    tr   to submit to  
to stand trial     
15    often foll by: for     (Chiefly Brit)   to be or become a candidate  
will he stand for Parliament?     
16    to navigate in a specified direction  
we were standing for Madeira when the storm broke     
17    (of a gun dog) to point at game  
18    to halt, esp. to give action, repel attack, or disrupt an enemy advance when retreating  
19    (of a male domestic animal, esp. a stallion) to be available as a stud  
20    also tr     (Printing)   to keep (type that has been set) or (of such type) to be kept, for possible use in future printings  
21    tr  
Informal   to bear the cost of; pay for  
to stand someone a drink     
22    stand a chance   to have a hope or likelihood of winning, succeeding, etc.  
23    stand fast   to maintain one's position firmly  
24    stand one's ground   to maintain a stance or position in the face of opposition  
25    stand still  
a    to remain motionless  
b    foll by: for     (U.S)   to tolerate  
I won't stand still for your threats     
26    stand to (someone)     (Irish)  
informal   to be useful to (someone)  
your knowledge of English will stand to you     
27    the act or an instance of standing  
28    an opinion, esp. a resolutely held one  
he took a stand on capital punishment     
29    a halt or standstill  
30    a place where a person or thing stands  
31      (Austral. and N.Z.)  
a    a position on the floor of a shearing shed allocated to one shearer  
b    the shearing equipment belonging to such a position  
32    a structure, usually of wood, on which people can sit or stand  
33    a frame or rack on which such articles as coats and hats may be hung  
34    a small table or piece of furniture where articles may be placed or stored  
a music stand     
35    a supporting framework, esp. for a tool or instrument  
36    a stall, booth, or counter from which goods may be sold  
37    an exhibition area in a trade fair  
38    a halt to give action, etc., esp. one taken during a retreat and having some duration or some success  
39      (Cricket)   an extended period at the wicket by two batsmen  
40    a growth of plants in a particular area, esp. trees in a forest or a crop in a field  
41    a stop made by a touring theatrical company, pop group, etc., to give a performance (esp. in the phrase one-night stand)  
42      (S. African)   a plot or site earmarked for the erection of a building  
43    (of a gun dog) the act of pointing at game  
44    a complete set, esp. of arms or armour for one man  
45      (Military)   the flags of a regiment,   (See also)        stand by       stand down       stand for       stand in       standoff       stand on       stand out       stand over       stand pat       stand to       stand up  
     (Old English standan; related to Old Norse standa, Old High German stantan, Latin stare to stand; see stead)  
  stander      n  

hall stand   ,   (esp. U.S.)   hall tree  
      n   a piece of furniture on which are hung coats, hats, etc.  
hat stand   ,   (esp. U.S.)   hat tree  
      n   a frame or pole equipped with hooks or arms for hanging up hats, coats, etc.  
music stand  
      n   a frame, usually of wood or metal, upon which a musical score or orchestral part is supported  
one-night stand  
1    a performance given only once at any one place  
2    Informal  
a    a sexual encounter lasting only one evening or night  
b    a person regarded as being only suitable for such an encounter  
      adj     (Computing)   (of a device or system) capable of operating independently of any other device or system  
stand by  
1    intr, adv   to be available and ready to act if needed or called upon  
2    intr, adv   to be present as an onlooker or without taking any action  
he stood by at the accident     
3    intr, prep   to be faithful to  
to stand by one's principles     
4    tr, adv     (English law)   (of the Crown) to challenge (a juror) without needing to show cause  
a    a person or thing that is ready for use or can be relied on in an emergency  
b    (as modifier)  
stand-by provisions     
6    on stand-by   in a state of readiness for action or use  
7    (of an airline passenger, fare, or seat) not booked in advance but awaiting or subject to availability  
stand down  
      vb   adv  
1    intr   to resign or withdraw, esp. in favour of another  
2    intr   to leave the witness box in a court of law after giving evidence  
3      (Chiefly Brit)   to go or be taken off duty  
stand for  
      vb   intr, prep  
1    to represent or mean  
2      (Chiefly Brit)   to be or become a candidate for  
3    to support or recommend  
4    Informal   to tolerate or bear  
he won't stand for any disobedience     
stand in  
1    intr, adv; usually foll by: for   to act as a substitute  
2    stand (someone) in good stead   to be of benefit or advantage to (someone)  
a    a person or thing that serves as a substitute  
b    (as modifier)  
a stand-in teacher     
4    a person who substitutes for an actor during intervals of waiting or in dangerous stunts  
stand-off half  
      n     (Rugby)  
1    a player who acts as a link between his scrum half and three-quarter backs  
2    this position in a team,   (Also called)    fly half  
stand oil  
      n   a thick drying oil made by heating linseed, tung, or soya to over 300°C: used in oil enamel paints  
stand on  
      vb   intr  
1    adv   to continue to navigate a vessel on the same heading  
2    prep   to insist on  
to stand on ceremony     
3    stand on one's own (two) feet  
Informal   to be independent or self-reliant  
stand out  
      vb   intr, adv  
1    to be distinctive or conspicuous  
2    to refuse to agree, consent, or comply  
they stood out for a better price     
3    to protrude or project  
4    to navigate a vessel away from a port, harbour, anchorage, etc.  
5    Informal  
a    a person or thing that is distinctive or outstanding  
b    (as modifier)  
the standout track from the album     
6    a person who refuses to agree or consent  
stand over  
1    intr, prep   to watch closely; keep tight control over  
2    adv   to postpone or be postponed  
3    intr, prep     (Austral. and N.Z.)  
informal   to threaten or intimidate (a person)  
4      (Austral. and N.Z.)  
informal   a threatening or intimidating act  
stand pat  
      vb   intr  
1      (Poker)   to refuse the right to change any of one's cards; keep one's hand unchanged  
2    to resist change or remain unchanged  
  standpatter      n  
stand to  
1    adv     (Military)   to assume positions or cause to assume positions to resist a possible attack  
2    stand to reason   to conform with the dictates of reason  
it stands to reason that pigs can't fly     
stand up  
      vb   adv  
1    intr   to rise to the feet  
2    intr   to resist or withstand wear, criticism, etc.  
3    tr  
Informal   to fail to keep an appointment with, esp. intentionally  
4    stand up for  
a    to support, side with, or defend  
b      (U.S)   to serve as best man for (the groom) at a wedding  
5    stand up to  
a    to confront or resist courageously  
b    to withstand or endure (wear, criticism, etc.)  
  stand-up   prenominal  
6    having or being in an erect position  
a stand-up collar     
7    done, performed, taken, etc., while standing  
a stand-up meal     
8    (of comedy or a comedian) performed or performing solo  
9    Informal   (of a boxer) having an aggressive style without much leg movement  
a stand-up fighter     
10    a stand-up comedian  
11    stand-up comedy  
umbrella stand  
      n   an upright rack or stand for umbrellas  
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1    be erect, be upright, be vertical, rise  
2    mount, place, position, put, rank, set  
3    be in force, belong, be situated or located, be valid, continue, exist, halt, hold, obtain, pause, prevail, remain, rest, stay, stop  
4    abide, allow, bear, brook, cope with, countenance, endure, experience, hack     (slang)   handle, put up with     (informal)   stomach, submit to, suffer, support, sustain, take, thole     (dialect)   tolerate, undergo, wear     (Brit. slang)   weather, withstand  
5    halt, rest, standstill, stay, stop, stopover  
6    attitude, determination, firm stand, opinion, position, stance, standpoint  
7    base, booth, bracket, dais, frame, grandstand, place, platform, rack, rank, stage, staging, stall, stance     (chiefly Scot.)   support, table, tripod, trivet  

stand by  
1    back, befriend, be loyal to, champion, defend, stick up for     (informal)   support, take (someone's) part, uphold  
2    be prepared, wait, wait in the wings  
stand for  
1    betoken, denote, exemplify, indicate, mean, represent, signify, symbolize  
2      (informal)   bear, brook, endure, lie down under     (informal)   put up with, suffer, tolerate, wear     (Brit. informal)  
stand in for     
cover for, deputize for, do duty for, hold the fort for, replace, represent, substitute for, take the place of, understudy  
stand out     
attract attention, be conspicuous, be distinct, be highlighted, be obvious, be prominent, be striking, be thrown into relief, bulk large, catch the eye, leap to the eye, project, stare one in the face     (informal)   stick out a mile     (informal)   stick out like a sore thumb     (informal)  
stand up for     
champion, come to the defence of, defend, side with, stick up for     (informal)   support, uphold  
stand up to     
brave, confront, defy, endure, oppose, resist, tackle, withstand  

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maintain ; bear ; stand ; support ; tolerate
abbr. acron.
Stands for One True Pairing.
[Slang] One's OTP is a couple one is emotionally invested in.
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