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      vb   mainly tr  
1    to mark or discolour with patches of something that dirties  
the dress was stained with coffee     
2    to dye with a penetrating dyestuff or pigment  
3    to bring disgrace or shame on  
to stain someone's honour     
4    to colour (specimens) for microscopic study by treatment with a dye or similar reagent  
5    intr   to produce indelible marks or discoloration  
does ink stain?     
6    a spot, mark, or discoloration  
7    a moral taint; blemish or slur  
8    a dye or similar reagent, used to colour specimens for microscopic study  
9    a solution or liquid used to penetrate the surface of a material, esp. wood, and impart a rich colour without covering up the surface or grain  
10    any dye that is made into a solution and used to colour textiles and hides  
     (C14 steynen (vb), shortened from disteynen to remove colour from, from Old French desteindre to discolour, from des- dis-1 + teindre, from Latin tingere to tinge)  
  stainable      adj  
  stainability      n  
  stainer      n  

blue stain  
      n     (Forestry)   a bluish discoloration of sapwood caused by growth of fungi  
port wine stain  
      n   a purplish birthmark, often large and on the face or neck  
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1    blemish, blot, colour, dirty, discolour, dye, mark, smirch, soil, spot, tarnish, tinge  
2    besmirch, blacken, contaminate, corrupt, defile, deprave, disgrace, drag through the mud, sully, taint  
3    blemish, blot, discoloration, dye, smirch, spot, tint  
4    blemish, blot on the escutcheon, disgrace, dishonour, infamy, reproach, shame, slur, stigma  

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