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1    usually intr   to walk or cause to walk unsteadily as if about to fall  
2    tr   to astound or overwhelm, as with shock  
I am staggered by his ruthlessness     
3    tr   to place or arrange in alternating or overlapping positions or time periods to prevent confusion or congestion  
a staggered junction, to stagger holidays     
4    intr   to falter or hesitate  
his courage staggered in the face of the battle     
5    tr   to set (the wings of a biplane) so that the leading edge of one extends beyond that of the other  
6    the act or an instance of staggering  
7    a staggered arrangement on a biplane, etc,   (See also)        staggers  
     (C13 dialect stacker, from Old Norse staka to push)  
  staggerer      n  
  staggering      adj  
  staggeringly      adv  
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1    falter, hesitate, lurch, reel, sway, teeter, totter, vacillate, waver, wobble  
2    amaze, astonish, astound, bowl over     (informal)   confound, dumbfound, flabbergast, give (someone) a shock, nonplus, overwhelm, shake, shock, strike (someone) dumb, stun, stupefy, surprise, take (someone) aback, take (someone's) breath away, throw off balance  
3    alternate, overlap, step, zigzag  

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