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1    an ordered pile or heap  
2    a large orderly pile of hay, straw, etc., for storage in the open air  
3    often pl     (Library science)   compactly spaced bookshelves, used to house collections of books in an area usually prohibited to library users  
4    a number of aircraft circling an airport at different altitudes, awaiting their signal to land  
5    a large amount  
a stack of work     
6      (Military)   a pile of rifles or muskets in the shape of a cone  
7      (Brit)   a measure of coal or wood equal to 108 cubic feet  
8       See       chimney stack       smokestack  
9    a vertical pipe, such as the funnel of a ship or the soil pipe attached to the side of a building  
10    a high column of rock, esp. one isolated from the mainland by the erosive action of the sea  
11    an area in a computer memory for temporary storage  
      vb   tr  
12    to place in a stack; pile  
to stack bricks on a lorry     
13    to load or fill up with piles of something  
to stack a lorry with bricks     
14    to control (a number of aircraft waiting to land at an airport) so that each flies at a different altitude  
15    stack the cards   to prearrange the order of a pack of cards secretly so that the deal will benefit someone  
     (C13: from Old Norse stakkr haystack, of Germanic origin; related to Russian stog)  
   stackable             adj  
  stacker      n  
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