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1    easy to dent, work, or cut without shattering; malleable  
2    not hard; giving little or no resistance to pressure or weight  
3    fine, light, smooth, or fluffy to the touch  
4    gentle; tranquil  
5    (of music, sounds, etc.) low and pleasing  
6    (of light, colour, etc.) not excessively bright or harsh  
7    (of a breeze, climate, etc.) temperate, mild, or pleasant  
8    Dialect   drizzly or rainy  
a soft day, the weather has turned soft     
9    slightly blurred; not sharply outlined  
soft focus     
10    (of a diet) consisting of easily digestible foods  
11    kind or lenient, often excessively so  
12    easy to influence or impose upon  
13    prepared to compromise; not doctrinaire  
the soft left     
14    Informal   feeble or silly; simple (often in the phrase soft in the head)  
15    unable to endure hardship, esp. through too much pampering  
16    physically out of condition; flabby  
soft muscles     
17    loving; tender  
soft words     
18    Informal   requiring little exertion; easy  
a soft job     
19      (Chem)   (of water) relatively free of mineral salts and therefore easily able to make soap lather  
20    (of a drug such as cannabis) nonaddictive or only mildly addictive  
   Compare       hard       19  
21      (Phonetics)  
a       an older word for       lenis  
b    (not in technical usage) denoting the consonants c and g in English when they are pronounced as palatal or alveolar fricatives or affricates (s, dʒ, ʃ, ð, tʃ) before e and i, rather than as velar stops (k, g)  
c    (in the Slavonic languages) palatalized before a front vowel or a special character (soft sign) written as <soft>  
a    unprotected against attack  
a soft target     
b      (Military)   unarmoured, esp. as applied to a truck by comparison with a tank  
23      (Finance)     (chiefly U.S.)   (of prices, a market, etc.) unstable and tending to decline  
24    (of a currency) in relatively little demand, esp. because of a weak balance of payments situation  
25    (of radiation, such as X-rays and ultraviolet radiation) having low energy and not capable of deep penetration of materials  
26      (Physics)   (of valves or tubes) only partially evacuated  
27    soft on or about  
a    gentle, sympathetic, or lenient towards  
b    feeling affection or infatuation for  
28    in a soft manner  
to speak soft     
29    a soft object, part, or piece  
30    Informal      See       softie  
31    quiet!  
32    wait!  
     (Old English softe; related to Old Saxon safti, Old High German semfti gentle)  
  softly      adv  

1    (of an egg) boiled for a short time so that the yolk is still soft  
2    Informal   softhearted  
      adj   (of a chocolate or boiled sweet) having a centre consisting of cream, jelly, etc.  
soft chancre  
      n     (Pathol)   a venereal ulcer caused by an infection that is not syphilitic,   (Also called)    chancroid  
soft clam  
      n      another name for the       soft-shell clam  
soft coal  
      n      another name for       bituminous coal  
soft commodities  
      pl n   nonmetal commodities such as cocoa, sugar, and grains, bought and sold on a futures market,   (Also called)    softs  
      adj   (of pornography) suggestive and titillating through not being totally explicit or detailed  
      adj      a less common word for       paperback  
soft drink  
      n   a nonalcoholic drink, usually cold  
      adj   (of certain teleost fishes) having fins that are supported by flexible cartilaginous rays  
   See also       malacopterygian  
soft-focus lens  
      n     (Photog)   a lens designed to produce an image that is uniformly very slightly out of focus: typically used for portrait work  
soft fruit  
      n     (Brit)   any of various types of small edible stoneless fruit, such as strawberries, raspberries, and currants, borne mainly on low-growing plants or bushes  
soft furnishings  
      pl n     (Brit)   curtains, hangings, rugs, etc.  
soft goods  
      pl n   textile fabrics and related merchandise  
Informal   feeble-minded; stupid; simple  
  soft-headedness      n  
soft hyphen  
      n   a hyphen, used in word processing to divide a word, which prints only when it appears at the end of a line,   (Also called)    optional hyphen  
soft iron  
a    iron that has a low carbon content and is easily magnetized and demagnetized with a small hysteresis loss  
b    (as modifier)  
a soft-iron core     
soft landing  
1    a landing by a spacecraft on the moon or a planet at a sufficiently low velocity for the equipment or occupants to remain unharmed  
2    a painless resolution of a problem, esp. an economic problem,   (Compare)        hard landing  
soft lens  
      n   a flexible hydrogel lens worn on the surface of the eye to correct defects of vision  
   Compare       hard lens       gas-permeable lens  
soft line  
      n   a moderate flexible attitude or policy  
  soft-liner      n  
soft loan  
      n   a loan on which interest is not charged, such as a loan made to an undeveloped country  
soft option  
      n   in a number of choices, the one considered to be easy or the easiest to do, involving the least difficulty or exertion  
soft palate  
      n   the posterior fleshy portion of the roof of the mouth. It forms a movable muscular flap that seals off the nasopharynx during swallowing and speech  
soft paste  
a    artificial porcelain made from clay, bone ash, etc.  
b    (as modifier)  
softpaste porcelain     
     (C19: from paste1 (in the sense: the mixture from which porcelain is made); so called because of its consistency)  
      vb   , -als, -alling, -alled  
     (U.S.)   , -als, -aling, -aled   tr  
1    to mute the tone of (a piano) by depressing the soft pedal  
2    Informal   to make (something, esp. something unpleasant) less obvious by deliberately failing to emphasize or allude to it  
  soft pedal  
3    a foot-operated lever on a piano, the left one of two, that either moves the whole action closer to the strings so that the hammers strike with less force or causes fewer of the strings to sound  
   Compare       sustaining pedal  
    piano   1  
soft porn  
Informal   soft-core pornography  
soft rot  
      n   any of various bacterial or fungal plant diseases characterized by watery disintegration of fruits, roots, etc.  
soft sell  
      n   a method of selling based on indirect suggestion or inducement  
   Compare       hard sell  
soft-shell clam  
      n   any of several marine clams of the genus Mya, esp. M. arenaria, an edible species of coastal regions of the U.S. and Europe, having a thin brittle shell,   (Sometimes shortened to)    soft-shell      Compare       quahog  
soft-shell crab  
      n   a crab, esp. of the edible species Cancer pagurus, that has recently moulted and has not yet formed its new shell  
   Compare       hard-shell crab  
soft-shelled turtle  
      n   any freshwater turtle of the family Trionychidae, having a flattened soft shell consisting of bony plates covered by a leathery skin  
      n   modifier   relating to a type of tap dancing performed wearing soft-soled shoes  
the soft-shoe shuffle     
soft shoulder   , verge  
      n   a soft edge along the side of a road that is unsuitable for vehicles to drive on  
soft soap  
1      (Med)      another name for       green soap  
2    Informal   flattering, persuasive, or cajoling talk  
3    Informal   to use such talk on (a person)  
1    speaking or said with a soft gentle voice  
2    able to persuade or impress by glibness of tongue  
soft spot  
      n   a sentimental fondness (esp. in the phrase have a soft spot for)  
soft tissue  
      n   the soft parts of the human body as distinct from bone and cartilage  
soft top  
      n   a convertible car with a roof made of fabric rather than metal  
soft touch  
Informal   a person easily persuaded or imposed on, esp. to lend money  
soft wheat  
      n   a type of wheat with soft kernels and a high starch content  
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