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1    not drunk  
2    not given to excessive indulgence in drink or any other activity  
3    sedate and rational  
a sober attitude to a problem     
4    (of colours) plain and dull or subdued  
5    free from exaggeration or speculation  
he told us the sober truth     
6    usually foll by: up   to make or become less intoxicated, reckless, etc.  
     (C14 sobre, from Old French, from Latin sobrius)  
  sobering      adj  
  soberingly      adv  
  soberly      adv  
  soberness      n  
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1    abstemious, abstinent, moderate, on the wagon     (informal)   temperate  
2    calm, clear-headed, cold, composed, cool, dispassionate, grave, level-headed, lucid, peaceful, practical, rational, realistic, reasonable, sedate, serene, serious, solemn, sound, staid, steady, unexcited, unruffled  
3    dark, drab, plain, quiet, severe, sombre, subdued  
4      (usually with)       up   bring (someone) back to earth, calm down, clear one's head, come or bring to one's senses, give (someone) pause for thought, make (someone) stop and think  
,       adj  
1    bevvied     (dialect)   blitzed     (slang)   blotto     (slang)   bombed     (slang)   Brahms and Liszt     (slang)   drunk, flying     (slang)   fu'     (Scot.)   guttered     (slang)   had one too many, inebriated, intoxicated, merry     (Brit. informal)   paralytic     (informal)   pie-eyed     (slang)   pissed     (taboo slang)   plastered, rat-arsed     (taboo slang)   sloshed     (slang)   smashed     (slang)   steamboats     (Scot. slang)   steaming     (slang)   tiddly     (slang, chiefly Brit.)   tight     (informal)   tipsy, tired and emotional     (euphemistic)   wasted     (slang)   wrecked     (slang)   zonked     (slang)  
2    excessive, flamboyant, frivolous, giddy, happy, immoderate, imprudent, injudicious, irrational, lighthearted, lively, sensational, unrealistic  
3    bright, flashy, garish, gaudy, light  
      vb   become intoxicated, get drunk  

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sober up exp.
to become more serious

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