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      adj   , snugger, snuggest  
1    comfortably warm and well-protected; cosy  
the children were snug in bed during the blizzard     
2    small but comfortable  
a snug cottage     
3    well-ordered; compact  
a snug boat     
4    sheltered and secure  
a snug anchorage     
5    fitting closely and comfortably  
6    offering safe concealment  
7    (in Britain and Ireland) one of the bars in certain pubs, offering intimate seating for only a few persons  
8      (Engineering)   a small peg under the head of a bolt engaging with a slot in the bolted component to prevent the bolt turning when the nut is tightened  
      vb   , snugs, snugging, snugged  
9    to make or become comfortable and warm  
10    tr     (Nautical)   to make (a vessel) ready for a storm by lashing down gear  
     (C16 (in the sense: prepared for storms (used of a ship)): related to Old Icelandic snöggr short-haired, Swedish snygg tidy, Low German snögger smart)  
  snugly      adv  
  snugness      n  
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1    comfortable, comfy     (informal)   cosy, homely, intimate, sheltered, warm  
2    close, compact, neat, trim  

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