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1    the part of the head of a vertebrate, esp. a mammal, consisting of the nose, jaws, and surrounding region, esp. when elongated  
2    the corresponding part of the head of such insects as weevils  
3    anything projecting like a snout, such as a nozzle or the lower end of a glacier  
4    Slang   a person's nose  
5      (Also called)    snout moth   a brownish noctuid moth, Hypena proboscidalis, that frequents nettles: named from the palps that project prominently from the head at rest  
6      (Brit)  
slang   a cigarette or tobacco  
7    Slang   an informer  
     (C13: of Germanic origin; compare Old Norse snyta, Middle Low German, Middle Dutch snute)  
  snouted      adj  
  snoutless      adj  
  snoutlike      adj  

snout beetle  
      n      another name for       weevil       1  
     (C19: so named because of its long proboscis)  
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