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1    resting in the same plane; without bends or irregularities  
2    silky to the touch  
smooth velvet     
3    lacking roughness of surface; flat  
4    tranquil or unruffled  
smooth temper     
5    lacking obstructions or difficulties  
a    suave or persuasive, esp. as suggestive of insincerity  
b    (in combination)  
7    (of the skin) free from hair  
8    of uniform consistency  
smooth batter     
9    not erratic; free from jolts  
smooth driving     
10    not harsh or astringent  
a smooth wine     
11    having all projections worn away  
smooth tyres     
12      (Maths)   (of a curve) differential at every point  
13      (Phonetics)   without preliminary or simultaneous aspiration  
14    gentle to the ear; flowing  
15      (Physics)   (of a plane, surface, etc.) regarded as being frictionless  
16    in a calm or even manner; smoothly  
      vb   mainly tr  
17    also intr; often foll by: down   to make or become flattened or without roughness or obstructions  
18    often foll by: out or away   to take or rub (away) in order to make smooth  
she smoothed out the creases in her dress     
19    to make calm; soothe  
20    to make easier  
smooth his path     
21      (Electrical engineering)   to remove alternating current ripple from the output of a direct current power supply  
22    Obsolete   to make more polished or refined  
23    the smooth part of something  
24    the act of smoothing  
25      (Tennis, etc.)   the side of a racket on which the binding strings form a continuous line  
   Compare       rough       27     (See also)        smooth over  
     (Old English smoth; related to Old Saxon mathmundi gentle-minded, smothi smooth)  
  smoothable      adj  
  smoother      n  
  smoothly      adv  
  smoothness      n  

dead-smooth file  
      n     (Engineering)   the smoothest grade of file commonly used  
smooth breathing  
      n   (in Greek) the sign (') placed over an initial vowel, indicating that (in ancient Greek) it was not pronounced with an h  
   Compare       rough breathing  
smooth hound  
      n   any of several small sharks of the genus Mustelus, esp. M. mustelus, a species of North Atlantic coastal regions: family Triakidae  
   See also       dogfish       3  
     (C17: from hound(fish); so called because it has no dorsal spines)  
smooth muscle  
      n   muscle that is capable of slow rhythmic involuntary contractions: occurs in the walls of the blood vessels, alimentary canal, etc.  
   Compare       striped muscle  
     (so called because there is no cross-banding on the muscle)  
smooth over  
      vb   tr   to ease or gloss over  
to smooth over a situation     
smooth snake  
      n   any of several slender nonvenomous colubrid snakes of the European genus Coronella, esp. C. austriaca, having very smooth scales and a reddish-brown coloration  
      adj   speaking or spoken in a gently persuasive or competent manner  
      adj   suave or persuasive in speech  
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1    even, flat, flush, horizontal, level, plain, plane, unwrinkled  
2    glossy, polished, shiny, silky, sleek, soft, velvety  
3    calm, equable, glassy, mirror-like, peaceful, serene, tranquil, undisturbed, unruffled  
4    agreeable, bland, mellow, mild, pleasant, soothing  
5    debonair, facile, glib, ingratiating, persuasive, silky, slick, smarmy     (Brit. informal)   suave, unctuous, urbane  
6    easy, effortless, flowing, fluent, frictionless, regular, rhythmic, steady, unbroken, uneventful, uniform, uninterrupted, untroubled, well-ordered  
7    flatten, iron, level, plane, polish, press  
8    allay, alleviate, appease, assuage, calm, ease, extenuate, facilitate, iron out the difficulties of, mitigate, mollify, palliate, pave the way, soften  
,       adj  
1 & 2    abrasive, bumpy, coarse, irregular, jagged, lumpy, rough, sharp, uneven  
3    agitated, disturbed, edgy, excitable, nervous, ruffled, troubled, troublesome, turbulent, uneasy  
8    aggravate, exacerbate, hamper, hinder, intensify, make worse, roughen  

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