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smoke and mirrors exp.
(metaphorically) manipulation attempt
His speech was nothing but smoke and mirrors

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Collaborative Dictionary     English Definition
technique used for smoking a marijuana joint in two, consisting in one person inhaling the smoke exhaled by the other one
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1    the product of combustion, consisting of fine particles of carbon carried by hot gases and air  
2    any cloud of fine particles suspended in a gas  
a    the act of smoking tobacco or other substances, esp. in a pipe or as a cigarette or cigar  
b    the duration of smoking such substances  
4    Informal  
a    a cigarette or cigar  
b    a substance for smoking, such as pipe tobacco or marijuana  
5    something with no concrete or lasting substance  
everything turned to smoke     
6    a thing or condition that obscures  
7    any of various colours similar to that of smoke, esp. a dark grey with a bluish, yellowish, or greenish tinge  
8    go or end up in smoke  
a    to come to nothing  
b    to burn up vigorously  
c    to flare up in anger  
9    intr   to emit smoke or the like, sometimes excessively or in the wrong place  
10    to draw in on (a burning cigarette, etc.) and exhale the smoke  
11    intr  
Slang   to use marijuana for smoking  
12    tr   to bring (oneself) into a specified state by smoking  
13    tr   to subject or expose to smoke  
14    tr   to cure (meat, fish, cheese, etc.) by treating with smoke  
15    tr   to fumigate or purify the air of (rooms, etc.)  
16    tr   to darken (glass, etc.) by exposure to smoke  
17    intr  
Slang   to move, drive, ride, etc., very fast  
18    tr  
Obsolete   to tease or mock  
19    tr  
Archaic   to suspect or detect,   (See also)        smoke out  
     (Old English smoca (n); related to Middle Dutch smieken to emit smoke)  
  smokable, smokeable      adj  

Big Smoke  
Informal   a large city, esp. London  
      vb   to smoke (cigarettes, etc.) continually, esp. lighting one from the preceding one  
  chain smoker      n  
      n      the. short for       Big Smoke  
smoke bomb  
      n   a device that emits large quantities of smoke when ignited  
      adj   (of fish, meat, etc.) cured in smoke  
smoke out  
      vb   tr, adv  
1    to subject to smoke in order to drive out of hiding  
2    to bring into the open; expose to the public  
they smoked out the plot     
smoke screen  
1      (Military)   a cloud of smoke produced by artificial means to obscure movements or positions  
2    something said or done in order to hide the truth  
smoke tree  
1    an anacardiaceous shrub, Cotinus coggygria, of S Europe and Asia, having clusters of yellowish feathery flowers  
2    a related tree, Cotinus americanus, of the southern U.S.  
     (C19: so named because of the similarity between its flower clusters and a cloud of smoke)  
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