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      vb   , smells, smelling, smelt, smelled  
1    tr   to perceive the scent or odour of (a substance) by means of the olfactory nerves  
2    copula   to have a specified smell; appear to the sense of smell to be  
the beaches smell of seaweed, some tobacco smells very sweet     
3    intr; often foll by: of   to emit an odour (of)  
the park smells of flowers     
4    intr   to emit an unpleasant odour; stink  
5    tr; often foll by: out   to detect through shrewdness or instinct  
6    intr   to have or use the sense of smell; sniff  
7    intr; foll by: of   to give indications (of)  
he smells of money     
8    intr; foll by: around, about, etc.   to search, investigate, or pry  
9    copula   to be or seem to be untrustworthy or corrupt  
10    smell a rat   to detect something suspicious  
11    that sense (olfaction) by which scents or odours are perceived  
   Related adj       olfactory  
12    anything detected by the sense of smell; odour; scent  
13    a trace or indication  
14    the act or an instance of smelling  
     (C12: of uncertain origin; compare Middle Dutch smölen to scorch)  
  smeller      n  
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1    aroma, bouquet, fragrance, niff     (Brit. slang)   odour, perfume, redolence, scent, whiff  
2    get a whiff of, nose, scent, sniff  
3    fetor, malodour, niff     (Brit. slang)   pong     (Brit. informal)   stench, stink  
4    be malodorous, hum     (slang)   niff     (Brit. slang)   pong     (Brit. informal)   reek, stink, stink to high heaven     (informal)   whiff     (Brit. slang)  

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used to describe a female who smells like a cabbage and is acting like a bitch
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