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1    a light shoe of some soft material, for wearing around the house  
2    a woman's evening or dancing shoe  
3    tr  
Informal   to hit or beat with a slipper  
  slippered      adj  
  slipper-like      adj  

carpet slipper  
      n   one of a pair of slippers, originally one made with woollen uppers resembling carpeting  
hunt the slipper  
      n   a children's game in which the players look for a hidden slipper or other object, such as a thimble (hunt the thimble)  
      n   any of various orchids of the Eurasian genus Cypripedium, esp. C. calceolus, having reddish or purple flowers  
   See also       moccasin flower       cypripedium  
slipper bath  
1    a bath in the shape of a slipper, with a covered end  
2      (History)   pl   an establishment where members of the public paid to have a bath  
slipper satin  
      n   a fine satin fabric with a mat finish  
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