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1    placed in or turning into an oblique position or course  
2      (Machinery)   having a component that is at an angle to the main axis of an assembly or is in some other way asymmetrical  
a skew bevel gear     
3      (Maths)  
a    composed of or being elements that are neither parallel nor intersecting as, for example, two lines not lying in the same plane in a three-dimensional space  
b    (of a curve) not lying in a plane  
4    (of a statistical distribution) not having equal probabilities above and below the mean; non-normal  
5    distorted or biased  
6    an oblique, slanting, or indirect course or position  
7      (Psychol)   the system of relationships in a family in which one parent is extremely dominating while the other parent tends to be meekly compliant  
8    to take or cause to take an oblique course or direction  
9    intr   to look sideways; squint  
10    tr   to place at an angle  
11    tr   to distort or bias  
     (C14: from Old Norman French escuer to shun, of Germanic origin; compare Middle Dutch schuwen to avoid)  

skew arch  
      n   an arch or vault, esp. one used in a bridge or tunnel, that is set at an oblique angle to the span  
skew symmetry  
      n   symmetry of top left with bottom right, and top right with bottom left  
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