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silk cotton


      n      another name for       kapok  
English Collins Dictionary - English Definition & Thesaurus  
      n   a silky fibre obtained from the hairs covering the seeds of a tropical bombacaceous tree, Ceiba pentandra (kapok tree or silk-cotton tree): used for stuffing pillows, etc., and for sound insulation,   (Also called)    silk cotton         
     (C18: from Malay)  

English Collins Dictionary - English Definition & Thesaurus  

1    the very fine soft lustrous fibre produced by a silkworm to make its cocoon  
a    thread or fabric made from this fibre  
b    (as modifier)  
a silk dress     
3    a garment made of this  
4    a very fine fibre produced by a spider to build its web, nest, or cocoon  
5    the tuft of long fine styles on an ear of maize  
6      (Brit)  
a    the gown worn by a Queen's (or King's) Counsel  
b    Informal   a Queen's (or King's) Counsel  
c    take silk   to become a Queen's (or King's) Counsel  
7    intr     (U.S. and Canadian)   (of maize) to develop long hairlike styles  
     (Old English sioluc; compare Old Norse silki, Greek serikon, Korean sir; all ultimately from Chinese ssu silk)  
  silklike      adj  

corn silk  
      n     (U.S. and Canadian)   the silky tuft of styles and stigmas at the tip of an ear of maize, formerly used as a diuretic  
oiled silk  
      n   silk treated with oil to make it waterproof  
raw silk  
1    untreated silk fibres reeled from the cocoon  
2    fabric woven from such fibres  
silk cotton  
      n      another name for       kapok  
silk-cotton tree  
      n   any of several tropical bombacaceous trees of the genus Ceiba, esp. Ceiba pentandra, having seeds covered with silky hairs from which kapok is obtained,   (Also called)    kapok tree  
silk hat  
      n   a man's top hat covered with silk  
silk-screen printing  
      n      another name for       screen process  
spun silk  
      n   yarn or fabric made from silk waste  
vegetable silk  
      n   any of various silky fibres obtained from the seed pods of certain plants  
   See also       kapok  
wild silk  
1    silk produced by wild silkworms  
2    a fabric made from this, or from short fibres of silk designed to imitate it  

English Collins Dictionary - English Definition & Thesaurus  

Collaborative Dictionary     English Definition
the impossibility to make a good quality product using bad quality materials
a heavy cotton fabric of plain weave; used for clothing or tents
also known as "cotton duck" or "duck canvas"
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