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1    characterized by an absence or near absence of noise or sound  
a silent house     
2    tending to speak very little or not at all  
3    unable to speak  
4    failing to speak, communicate, etc., when expected  
the witness chose to remain silent     
5    not spoken or expressed  
silent assent     
6    not active or in operation  
a silent volcano     
7    (of a letter) used in the conventional orthography of a word but no longer pronounced in that word  
the ``k'' in ``know'' is silent     
8    denoting a film that has no accompanying soundtrack, esp. one made before 1927, when such soundtracks were developed  
9    a silent film  
     (C16: from Latin silens, from silere to be quiet)  
   silently             adv  
  silentness      n  
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as quietly as a mouse     (informal)   dumbly, inaudibly, in silence, mutely, noiselessly, quietly, soundlessly, speechlessly, without a sound, wordlessly  

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