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1    something that provides cover or protection, as from weather or danger; place of refuge  
2    the protection afforded by such a cover; refuge  
3    the state of being sheltered  
4    tr   to provide with or protect by a shelter  
5    intr   to take cover, as from rain; find refuge  
6    tr   to act as a shelter for; take under one's protection  
     (C16: of uncertain origin)  
  shelterer      n  
  shelterless      adj  

Anderson shelter  
      n     (Brit)   a small prefabricated air-raid shelter of World War II consisting of an arch of corrugated metal and designed to be partly buried in people's gardens and covered with earth for protection  
     (C20: so named because its use was adopted while Sir John Anderson was Home Secretary (1939--40))  
bus shelter  
      n   a covered structure at a bus stop providing protection against the weather for people waiting for a bus  
shelter belt  
      n   a row of trees planted to protect an area from the wind  
shelter tent  
      n     (U.S)   a military tent for two men  
tax shelter  
      n     (Commerce)   a form into which business or financial activities may be organized to minimize taxation  
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      vb   cover, defend, guard, harbour, hide, protect, safeguard, seek refuge, shield, take in, take shelter  
      n   asylum, awning, cover, covert, defence, guard, haven, protection, refuge, retreat, roof over one's head, safety, sanctuary, screen, security, shiel     (Scot.)   umbrella  
,       vb   endanger, expose, hazard, imperil, lay open, leave open, make vulnerable, risk, subject  

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