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      n   pl   , sheep  
1    any of various bovid mammals of the genus Ovis and related genera, esp. O. aries (domestic sheep), having transversely ribbed horns and a narrow face. There are many breeds of domestic sheep, raised for their wool and for meat  
   Related adj       ovine  
2    Barbary sheep      another name for       aoudad  
3    a meek or timid person, esp. one without initiative  
4    separate the sheep from the goats   to pick out the members of any group who are superior in some respects  
     (Old English sceap; related to Old Frisian skep, Old Saxon scap, Old High German scaf)  
  sheeplike      adj  

bell sheep  
      n     (Austral)   a sheep that a shearer is just starting to shear (and which he is allowed to finish) as the bell rings for the end of a work period  
black sheep  
      n   a person who is regarded as a disgrace or failure by his family or peer group  
hair sheep  
      n   any variety of sheep growing hair instead of wool, yielding hides with a finer and tougher grain than those of wool sheep  
Jacob sheep  
      n      See       Jacob       2  
mountain sheep  
1       another name for       bighorn  
2    any wild sheep inhabiting mountainous regions  
1    any of several liquid disinfectants and insecticides in which sheep are immersed to kill vermin and germs in their fleece  
2    a deep trough containing such a liquid  
sheep ked   , tick  
      n   a wingless dipterous fly, Melophagus ovinus, that is an external parasite of sheep: family Hippoboscidae  
sheep measles  
      n   functioning as sing or pl   a disease of sheep caused by infestation by the cysticerci of a dog tapeworm (Taenia ovis)  
sheep race  
      n     (N.Z)   a single-file walkway for sheep at the entrance to a sheep-dip  
sheep's eyes  
      pl n  
Old-fashioned   amorous or inviting glances  
sheep's fescue  
      n   a temperate perennial tufted grass, Festuca ovina, with narrow inwardly rolled leaves  
     (C18: so called because it is often used for sheep pastures)  
sheep sorrel   , sheep's sorrel  
      n   a polygonaceous plant, Rumex acetosella, of the N hemisphere, having slightly bitter-tasting leaves and small reddish flowers  
sheep station   , run  
      n     (Austral. and N.Z.)   a large sheep farm,   (Also called)    run  
sheep tick  
1    a tick, Ixodes ricinus, that is parasitic on sheep, cattle, and man and transmits the disease louping ill in sheep  
2       another name for       sheep ked  
vegetable sheep  
      n     (N.Z)   any of various species of the genus Raoulia, esp. R. mammillaris or R. eximia, of New Zealand rocky mountains: a small low bush having white flowers and hairy leaves which, from a distance, make it look like a sheep  
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black sheep     
bad egg     (old-fashioned informal)   disgrace, dropout, ne'er-do-well, outcast, prodigal, renegade, reprobate, wastrel  

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