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1    to break or be broken into many small pieces  
2    tr   to impair or destroy  
his nerves were shattered by the torture     
3    tr   to dumbfound or thoroughly upset  
she was shattered by the news     
4    tr  
Informal   to cause to be tired out or exhausted  
5       an obsolete word for       scatter  
6    usually pl  
Obsolete or dialect   a fragment  
     (C12: perhaps obscurely related to scatter)  
   shattered             adj  
  shatterer      n  
  shattering      adj  
  shatteringly      adv  
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all in     (slang)   clapped out     (Austral. & N.Z. informal)   crushed, dead beat     (informal)   dead tired     (informal)   devastated, dog-tired     (informal)   done in     (informal)   drained, exhausted, jiggered     (informal)   knackered     (slang)   ready to drop, shagged out     (Brit. slang)   spent, tired out, weary, wiped out     (informal)   worn out, zonked     (slang)  

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