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1    having the power of sensation  
2    responsive to or aware of feelings, moods, reactions, etc.  
3    easily irritated; delicate  
sensitive skin     
4    affected by external conditions or stimuli  
5    easily offended  
6    of or relating to the senses or the power of sensation  
7    capable of registering small differences or changes in amounts, quality, etc.  
a sensitive instrument     
8      (Photog)   having a high sensitivity  
a sensitive emulsion     
9    connected with matters affecting national security, esp. through access to classified information  
10    (of a stock market or prices) quickly responsive to external influences and thus fluctuating or tending to fluctuate  
     (C14: from Medieval Latin sensitivus, from Latin sentire to feel)  
  sensitively      adv  
  sensitiveness      n  

      adj     (Physics)   (of a surface) having a photoelectric property, such as the ability to generate a current, change its electrical resistance, etc., when exposed to light  
      adj   likely to affect the price of property, esp. shares and securities  
price-sensitive information     
sensitive plant  
1    a tropical American mimosa plant, Mimosa pudica, the leaflets and stems of which fold if touched  
2    any similar plant, such as the caesalpiniaceous plant Cassia nictitans of E North America  
3    Informal   a person who is easily upset  
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1    delicate, easily affected, impressionable, reactive, responsive, sentient, susceptible, touchy-feely     (informal)  
2    delicate, easily hurt, easily offended, easily upset, irritable, temperamental, tender, thin-skinned, touchy, umbrageous     (rare)  
3    acute, fine, keen, perceptive, precise  
   approximate, callous, hard, hardened, imprecise, inexact, insensitive, obtuse, thick-skinned, tough, uncaring, unfeeling, unperceptive  

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