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screen bingeing n.
watching TV in excess

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blend of 'phone' and 'tablet', a phablet is an oversized mobile device having a screen which is intermediate between that of a typical smartphone and a tablet computer
Ex: Your phablet is a little bulky for my taste but I must admit it offers a better visual experience for Web pages than my smartphone.
a teenager who spends most of his time in front of a screen (computer, smartphone, tablet, TV)
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1    a light movable frame, panel, or partition serving to shelter, divide, hide, etc.  
2    anything that serves to shelter, protect, or conceal  
3    a frame containing a mesh that is placed over a window or opening to keep out insects  
4    a decorated partition, esp. in a church around the choir  
   See also       rood       1  
5    a sieve  
6    a system for selecting people, such as candidates for a job  
7    the wide end of a cathode-ray tube, esp. in a television set, on which a visible image is formed  
8    a white or silvered surface, usually fabric, placed in front of a projector to receive the enlarged image of a film or of slides  
9    the screen   the film industry or films collectively  
10      (Photog)   a plate of ground glass in some types of camera on which the image of a subject is focused before being photographed  
11      (Printing)   a glass marked with fine intersecting lines, used in a camera for making half-tone reproductions  
12    men or ships deployed around and ahead of a larger military formation to warn of attack or protect from a specific threat  
13      (Sport)     (chiefly U.S. and Canadian)   a tactical ploy in which a player blocks an opponent's view  
14      (Psychoanal)   anything that prevents a person from realizing his true feelings about someone or something  
15      (Electronics)      See       screen grid  
      vb   tr  
16    sometimes foll by: off   to shelter, protect, or conceal  
17    to sieve or sort  
18    to test or check (an individual or group) so as to determine suitability for a task, etc.  
19    to examine for the presence of a disease, weapons, etc.  
the authorities screened five hundred cholera suspects     
20    to provide with a screen or screens  
21    to project (a film) onto a screen, esp. for public viewing  
22      (Printing)   to photograph (a picture) through a screen to render it suitable for half-tone reproduction  
23      (Sport)     (chiefly U.S. and Canadian)   to block the view of (an opposing player)  
     (C15: from Old French escren (French écran); related to Old High German skrank, German Schrank cupboard)  
  screenable      adj  
  screener      n  
  screenful      n  
  screenlike      adj  

big screen  
      n      an informal name for the       cinema  
fire screen  
1    a decorative screen placed in the hearth when there is no fire  
2    a screen placed before a fire to protect the face from intense heat  
fluorescent screen  
      n   a transparent screen coated on one side with a phosphor that fluoresces when exposed to X-rays or cathode rays  
organ screen  
      n   a wooden or stone screen that supports the organ in a cathedral or church and divides the choir from the nave  
rood screen  
      n   a partition of stone or wood, often richly carved and decorated, that separates the chancel from the main part of a church: it is surmounted by a crucifix (rood), and was an important feature of medieval churches, though in England many rood screens were destroyed at the Reformation  
screen grid  
      n     (Electronics)   an electrode placed between the control grid and anode of a valve and having a fixed positive potential relative to the grid. It acts as an electrostatic shield preventing capacitive coupling between grid and anode, thus increasing the stability of the device,   (Sometimes shortened to)    screen      See also       suppressor grid  
screen memory  
      n     (Psychoanal)   a memory that is tolerable but allied to a distressing event and which is unconsciously used to hide the distressing memory  
screen process  
      n   a method of printing using a fine mesh of silk, nylon, etc., treated with an impermeable coating except in the areas through which ink is subsequently forced onto the paper behind,   (Also called)    silk-screen printing  
screen test  
1    a filmed audition of a prospective actor or actress to test suitability  
2    the test film so made  
screen trading  
      n   a form of trading on a market or exchange in which the visual display unit of a computer replaces personal contact as in floor trading  
silk-screen printing  
      n      another name for       screen process  
silver screen  
1    films collectively or the film industry  
2    the screen onto which films are projected  
small screen  
      n      an informal name for       television  
smoke screen  
1      (Military)   a cloud of smoke produced by artificial means to obscure movements or positions  
2    something said or done in order to hide the truth  
split-screen technique  
      n   a cinematic device by which two or more complete images are projected simultaneously onto separate parts of the screen,   (Also called)    split screen  
      adj   of or relating to a form of film projection in which the screen has much greater width than height  
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