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1    to mark or cut (the surface of something) with a rough or sharp instrument  
2    often foll by: at, out, off, etc.   to scrape (the surface of something), as with claws, nails, etc.  
3    to scrape (the surface of the skin) with the nails, as to relieve itching  
4    to chafe or irritate (a surface, esp. the skin)  
5    to make or cause to make a grating sound; scrape  
6    tr; sometimes foll by: out   to erase by or as if by scraping  
7    tr   to write or draw awkwardly  
8    intr; sometimes foll by: along   to earn a living, manage, etc., with difficulty  
9    to withdraw (an entry) from a race, match, etc.  
10    intr     (Billiards, etc.)  
a    to make a shot resulting in a penalty  
b    to make a lucky shot  
11    tr     (U.S.)   to cancel (the name of a candidate) from a party ticket in an election  
12    intr; often foll by: for     (Austral)  
informal   to be struggling or in difficulty, esp. in earning a living  
13    to treat (a subject) superficially  
14    you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours   if you will help me, I will help you  
15    the act of scratching  
16    a slight injury  
17    a mark made by scratching  
18    a slight grating sound  
19      (in a handicap sport)  
a    a competitor or the status of a competitor who has no allowance or receives a penalty  
b    (as modifier)  
a scratch player     
20    the time, initial score, etc., of such a competitor  
a    the line from which competitors start in a race  
b    (formerly) a line drawn on the floor of a prize ring at which the contestants stood to begin or continue fighting  
22    a withdrawn competitor in a race, etc.  
23      (Billiards, etc.)  
a    a shot that results in a penalty, as when the cue ball enters the pocket  
b    a lucky shot  
24    poultry food  
25    from scratch  
Informal   from the very beginning  
26    up to scratch   usually used with a negative  
Informal   up to standard  
27      (Sport)   (of a team) assembled hastily  
28    (in a handicap sport) with no allowance or penalty  
29    Informal   rough or haphazard,   (See also)        scratches       scratch together  
     (C15: via Old French escrater from Germanic; compare Old High German krazzon (German kratzen); related to Old French gratter to grate1)  
  scratcher      n  
  scratchy      adj  
  scratchily      adv  
  scratchiness      n  

scratch file  
      n     (Computing)   a temporary store for use during the execution of a program  
scratch pad  
1      (Chiefly U.S. and Canadian)   a notebook, esp. one with detachable leaves  
2      (Computing)   a small semiconductor memory for temporary storage  
scratch sheet  
      n     (U.S. and Canadian)  
informal      another term for a       dope sheet  
scratch test  
      n     (Med)   a skin test to determine allergic sensitivity to various substances by placing the allergen to be tested over an area of lightly scratched skin. A positive reaction is typically indicated by the formation of a weal  
scratch together   , up  
      vb   tr, adv   to assemble with difficulty  
he scratched up a team for the football match     
scratch video  
      n   the technique or practice of recycling images from films or television to make collages  
standard scratch score  
      n     (Golf)   the number of strokes a scratch player would need to go round a particular course, based on the length of each hole to the green and allowing 36 putts for the round  
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1    claw, cut, damage, etch, grate, graze, incise, lacerate, make a mark on, mark, rub, score, scrape  
2    annul, cancel, delete, eliminate, erase, pull out, stand down, strike off, withdraw  
3    blemish, claw mark, gash, graze, laceration, mark, scrape  
4    up to scratch      acceptable, adequate, capable, competent, satisfactory, sufficient, up to snuff     (informal)   up to standard  
5    haphazard, hastily prepared, impromptu, improvised, rough, rough-and-ready  

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