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  (also, esp. U.S.)  
1    a plan of procedure for a project, allotting the work to be done and the time for it  
2    a list of items  
a schedule of fixed prices     
3    a list of times, esp. of arrivals and departures; timetable  
4    a list of tasks to be performed, esp. within a set period  
5      (Law)   a list or inventory, usually supplementary to a contract, will, etc.  
6    on schedule   at the expected or planned time  
      vb   tr  
7    to make a schedule of or place in a schedule  
8    to plan to occur at a certain time  
     (C14: earlier cedule, sedule via Old French from Late Latin schedula small piece of paper, from Latin scheda sheet of paper)  
  schedular      adj  

classification schedule  
      n     (Library science)   the printed scheme of a system of classification  
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      n   agenda, calendar, catalogue, inventory, itinerary, list, list of appointments, plan, programme, timetable  
      vb   appoint, arrange, be due, book, organize, plan, programme, slot     (informal)   time  

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